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Stem Enhance/Stem Tech, has anyone here tried this supplement and does it work?

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 11:28 AM
hello everyone!
got some information today about this supplement stem enhance, never heard about it b4 but sounds like it could help my dad. he injured his right side ribs a month or so ago on a fall, and hasnt broken/fractured and bone but his muscles are really injured, has a hard time lifting anything over 10 lbs. what he does for work is disaster removal and cleanup. so he has to life thing a lot @ work.

so im wondering if anyone on ATS can let me know if they have tried this supplement or have known someone who has tried it. maybe this could help my dads recovery. he is 61 on halloween this year, is in great physical shape for a man his age. this product might just be the right thing for him! what do you think ATS?

1 love!

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