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A well to far

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 03:20 AM
Global warming was a myth, by late 2013 it had been disproved. Al Gore had been shown to be a liar and a crook, working for the clean energy companies. Everyone knew this, however it did not change the fact we where depended on fossil fuels for most of our power generation, for most of our travel, hell for most of our plastics that fed our gadget mania.

So when in late 2015 a new oil field was found near mediggo in Israel in was greeted with great acclaim, this oil field was the biggest find in history. Sure it was deep, deeper than we had ever gone before. So deep it challenged our current science, so deep it required the best drillers the world had ever known.
In early 2016 they struck pay dirt, and the oil started flowing. However the oil coming up was super heated and once it hit the air exploded in a fiery flame.

They attempted to put out the fire, but nothing they did could put it out, water made worse, snuffing it out with sand again just didn’t work.

The fire was hot, hotter than it should have been. The smoke darker the normal and had a strange almost egg like smell to it.

The temperature started to rise all over the world, not by much to start with. But the following year Death Valley had a record breaking day of 51C, New York broke 100F for every day for a week. Europe was a sweat house, the Middle East a sauna and every where the eggy smell seemed to follow.

Also earthquake swarms had started in the Middle East, geologists where confused as the swarms did not seem normal, they were more like the contractions associated with child birth.
It was decided to cap the main well with concrete; the best engineers were brought in to this, from all over the world they were brought in.
But it didn’t work, as soon as they poured the concrete it cracked and was blown off.

The temperature continued to rise….

The earthquake swarms/labor pains continued and increased….

People near the well swore the desert it rose like something pushing from underneath…..


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