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Civil War Anniversary, lets talk ghosts

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 09:48 PM
It now marks 150 years since the start of the civil war. The repercussions of that war can still be felt today. It was the bloodiest war on American soil, having over 1 million people die.

With such bloody battles, it is no wonder that stories and reports of Civil War ghosts abound.

If you have a ghost story in your area, please add the information and history to this thread. Pics too if you got them. if you don't know of any, look it up. You never know.

I will start.

In Scotland Maryland, in a state park is Point Lookout State Park.It has a lighthouse, and the lighthouse is considered the most haunted lighthouse in North America.Why?

A civil war hospital was built next door, along with a prison that housed up to 20, 000 Confederate soldiers. All the deaths from disease soon brought stories of hauntings from the lighthouse. the original owners are thought to haunt it too.

The cemetary was removed a century ago, and ghosts are thought to be looking for their graves.

Holzer's team successfully recorded 24 different voices in the building, both male and female voices singing and talking, often using quite colorful language. One comment, "Fire if they get too close to you," was thought to reference the great number of Confederate soldiers imprisoned nearby. A female voice, recorded on the tower staircase and believed to be that of Ann Davis, wife of the first keeper, spoke of "my home." Yet another voice said, "Let us not take objection to what they are doing."

The lighthouse is currently closed and under renovations to become a musuem.

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by nixie_nox

31 years ago in the Illinois capitol I lived in a house on the far east side. I didn't believe in ghosts then, but when my wife and I moved into that house we felt uncomfortable from the start. One nigh perhaps 3am or so I got up for a drink of water and walked down the hall to the kitchen. Right in front of me was an apparition. From head to toe it was dressed like a Union soldier, right down to the boots. It was so real I thought someone was playing a prank, but all the doors were locked. So I immediately considered it was some sort of nut that broke in. [You think strange things at 3am when you are half awake] .
So I dropped kicked right into the thing. Now I know a bit about kick boxing, and if I had connected with it it would have been thrown at least 10-12 feet up against a wall.
when I looked back up at was gone.
so even though my heel was set to strike this thing in the chest..that didn't happen.
. I went right through the thing, and landed in front of the sink on my rear.
Go figure. that made me a believer. but now its been enough years that I no longer believe in ghosts.
It was just a bit of underdone Potato. But yes it really did happen. This was without doubt a Confederate soldier based apparition. Was it a ghost? A Demon? I tend towards believing the latter. either way it was a very terrifying and real experience.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 10:16 PM
Life is full of great, great grand father was imprisoned up at Point Lookout...he was captured in late 1863 at Kelly's Ford, Va.... he did make it back home.

I live in a Civil War era farm house... and the line on our property is what used to be the main road from Raleigh,NC to Boydton, Va and on to Petersburg... a main route for soldiers going north...both blue and gray.

The house has a dug root cellar, a single narrow stair case and follows the typical hall and parlor layout of farm houses of the era.... in typical fashion, if you go in the front door yoy would have walked straight through to the back closed off for an addition.

In the front yard is a giant cedar tree and when we first moved in, the limbs went all the way to the ground and basically blocked off that corner of the house. My wife decided to trim the lower branches to open up the area and create a line of sight from front to the back yard.

While trimming the tree she saw a man in blue clothing, almost like a uniform she said...she got up to greet him, thinking he was a curious neighbor there to introduce himself. When she got up and went around the far side of the tree... he was where to be found.

We have 2 sons that were older teens at the time, and one was upstairs in the loft...he came down and saw his brother sleeping with his back to him on the couch in the living room. He went into the kitchen, poured a glass of milk and saw his brother driving up through the kitchen window... well... who was that on the couch? he ran out and he and his brother came back in with a stick of firewood in their hands...but no one was there... and the only way out was by a backdoor locked from the inside.

Then one night we went out to eat and came home, it was getting late and dark, as we got out of the truck we all heard a voice say..."Help Me! Help Me!"... it sounded like an old black woman. I got my pistol out of the truck, they stayed behind and I walked around the house, the yard, inside...nothing and nobody. We later found out that the house at one time belonged to a doctor and housed a midwife that served the area. I actually have met some of the older neighbors that were birthed by this midwife.

Lastly, last year... I was canning tomatoes... dead of summer and it was getting about sundown... Here I am, a pot of tomatoes on a low simmer to cook'em down...I have a sink full of tomatoes to peel...The sink in the kitchen faces the hallway I previously described... I'm peeling tomatoes when something moves and catches my eye... I look up and see a blue clad but transparent figure of a man walking in the hallway...front door to where the back door used to be... My hair goes up and a shiver goes down my back... I call my wife and she immediately notes something is wrong by my voice.... She comes to me..."Are you OK? What's wrong?"... "I just saw a ghost" which time I get this rush of adrenaline, drop the parring knife, and get this sick feeling all over.

That was last year and I haven't had anymore encounters... yet.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by AlreadyGone

That is fascinating. Now do you know if your g-g-grandfather made it out alive or what happened to him after that?

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by DavidsHope

Did you happen to do any historical research on the property to find out some history?

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 08:11 PM
I am really surprised that more ATSer don't have more local lore to add here.

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