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A Great and Magnificent Cavern near Reykjavik ,Iceland

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 04:19 PM
Lately there have been talks about opening up one of Iceland's largest caverns
as a tourist attraction for anyone interested in the cave to explore its magnificence.

The cave named "Thrihnukagigur" ,meaning triplehump crater ,is wide for 120 meters down.
That's 394 feet! Additionally ,the cavern's narrow passages span at least 50 more meters ,
which equals roughly 164 feet. Its huge size ,combined with its colorful scoria walls
colored by various gas types during eruptions in the past make it a truly awesome sight.

The cavern was formed as a lava tube and sits on a dormant volcano.
It's situated close to Bláfjöll (Blue mountains) near Reykjavik's protected water reserves.

So far the cave has only been accessible through its main opening in the top of the mountain
and ideas for how to open it up to travelers have not been discussed much openly until now.

Some have proposed ideas of stairs ,circular staircases or steady platforms.
Concerns have also been voiced in light of the cavern being so close to the water reserves.
There would likely be disturbances around the constructions of support for exploring the cave.

The inaccessibility has so far been the biggest hindrance in opening it up.
Most of the roads are very close to delicate areas. That's the main counter argument.

Lastly ,I'm including some sources and a video so you all can have a closer look at it
and see what this cave offers. Further readings may be aided by translating Icelandic pages.

Video link

Icelandic wiki link

Ferlir thrihnukagigur source info

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 05:04 PM
We also have some famous people visit the cave every now and then.
This is the latest known visit to Thrihnukagigur ;

The American actress Liv Tyler, star of Lord of The Rings and Armageddon, earlier this week visited Iceland and ventured out into the wilderness to explore Thrihnukagigur, a dormant volcano with an empty magma chamber, close to Blafjoll.

Source link Ice news

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 11:40 AM
I think until they conduct sufficient study to determine the potential hazards to the ecosystem, they should just take one very careful crew down with cameras and put together a very well designed interactive internet presentation to suffice as a tour for now. If they need to raise funds for the preservation of the cavern, they can set up a pay per view function on the web site. That would open the cavern up to an international audience that might never otherwise get to experience this wonder, while at the same time preserve the natural resources until the necessary environmental impact studies can be concluded. Once they open this cavern to the general public and any unforeseen damage is incurred, there is no graceful way to go back.

Having taken cavern tours before, I can say putting steps and lighting into them kind of cheapens the look and natural wonder of them in my opinion. It is kind of sad to see parts of a lovely cavern having the same ambience of the worn lobby of a run down hotel. You aren't allowed to touch anything anyway. So I'd prefer a more pristine virtual tour. I would rather leave the physical tours to spelunking experts who know how to treat a natural resource unlike some weekend tourist like myself would. But that is just my opinion and it's not set in stone. I'd love to hear opposing views.


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