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Religious Groups Join in Wall Street Protests

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 03:50 PM

Following the lead of labor unions, some religious organizations joined the Wall Street protests this weekend.

There were two religious gatherings at the protesters' headquarters in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan on Sunday featuring Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergy. On Friday, there was a Kol Nidrei Service marking Yom Kippur.

Reverend Michael Ellick, of Judson Memorial Church, led a rally of several hundred people on Sunday.

"It's the foundation of our scriptural principles, to look after our neighbors," Ellick said.

The protests, he said, were motivating clergy across the country.

"Every city where you know there's an Occupy ... we're getting calls from faith leaders in every one of those cities, who want to be a part of it. Who want to know what's happening," said Ellick. "And that's who's driving this movement right now."

This is good news for the OWS bad news for the conservatives. But it's very predictable what the so called conservatives are going to do next, ridicule, denounce christianity altogether
, or seeing a conspiracy behind it.

‘Protest chaplains’ shepherd movement’s spiritual side

My Take: Occupy Wall Street looks like church to me

I'm happy seeing young christians showing solidarity and support. A very good news indeed.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 03:58 PM
The second use of churches, to unify people and bring them together to help for the better good.

While I disagree that religion and social service need to be inter-tied like they are, given that that's the system, this is great. Good thing to see organizations with power over people to use that power to guide them into helping out.

Let's hope this adds momentum to the movement.


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