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How can it ever change?

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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 11:17 PM
As I see it, America is lost. The people of this nation have forgotten their heritage. They have forgotten that the tree of liberty is sprinkled with the blood of patriots. They have forgotten what liberty actually is, and have mistaken comfort and "safety" for freedom. They have closed their eyes to the truth of their government - that it is populated by thieves, would-be dictators, and that those leaders hate and fear the people they are supposed to represent.

Even here at ATS, which I have begun to believe is nothing more than a disinfo site, claims the slogan "Deny Ignorance", yet those who are here and still asleep are in the majority and cling to ignorance like it was a security blanket.

Soon we will be deep into arguing about which potential president is the best. We'll have Obama on one side, and more than likely a lunatic on the other side (pick one). THe American people will dutifully go to the poles and pick either a Dem or a Rep, not seeing that they are two sides of the same coin, with the end game goal being the same.

We can hope for Ron Paul, but even if he was to be elected, seriously - do any of us think he would have a chance of changing the machine? No - he would be shot dead within months, or made impotent by the conspiracy of politicians and media. He would at best serve one term, and then we'd go back to business as usual, because you see - the people are the actual problem!

It's us friends - we have allowed all this crap to come into being. We have slowly allowed greedy and corrupt leaders to sell out everything that was once good about America. It's our fault for allowing ourselves to be distracted by television and movies, news commentators who look like models and say nothing but what they're spoon fed by their masters.

The evidence is everywhere. The house we live in, the car we drive, the job we go to are all decided for us at some level. The food we eat has no nutritional value. The entertainments we subscribe to do not edify, they only further drain our ability to think. Even our churches, by and large, are feeding us lies.

But nearly no one can see any of it. A few have begun to open their eyes, but cannot agree on what the problem is or what needs to be done to change things.

Maybe, aliens will come and help. Maybe Jesus will appear in the sky. Maybe. But let's suppose no one comes to our rescue. Then what? Do you really want to go out with a whimper? Do you want to have your children and grandchildren become slaves to a system that regards them as fodder?

OWS gives me a glimmer of hope. Whether you agree with them or not is totally beside the point. The fact that a number of people are willing to stand up, get arrested, and risk becoming laughing stocks for what they believe gives me hope. We need to get a whole lot madder folks. We need to be willing to stand our ground no matter the risk. As Patrick Henry said - "Give me liberty or give me death." Be prepared to die for what this country used to stand for (we can't even seem to decide on that). Are there millions willing to take that step? I want there to be.

But the truth is, there probably are not enough people aware of reality to make a real difference. The corruption runs so deep. We've been indoctrinated our entire lives to believe that what matters is getting a good job and making someone else rich.

Many still believe our troops are fighting for our freedom. Are you one of them? Think about it. What did Iraq or Afghanistan do to us? What did the North Vietnamese or the North Koreans do to us? What if the whole situation had been reversed? Suppose troops from somewhere had come here because they hated the KKK? It would be the same. Don't kid yourself into thinking a small group of poorly trained "pilots" flew a pair of jumbo jets into the towers. Didn't happen. Some still claim that there's WMD buried under Iraqi sand.

Where's Osama's body? Where's Jimmy Hoffa? Who really shot the Kennedy brothers? Who shot John Lennon and MLK?

The answers to most things are right in front of us, but we're trained to not notice and not believe. We've been trained very well over a very long period of time.

Well, I'm running out of rant here. My apologies to the seeming randomness of this post. Sometimes I get an itch to write, and I don't like to fool with editing and shaping. These are my thoughts tonight. Have at it.

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by Bablock

Here is my opinion on this.

What many have failed to see is that we have a system in place that we tend to follow in order to bring about any change. But seldom do we realize that this political system by which we enforce and live by, is no different than any other pyramid scheme whereby power resonates from the top down. The rest of humanity in this context, is quite frankly oblivious, and thus work within the confines of this so called political system.

A way out of this madness - Politics

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