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(all-inclusive) New Topics List Help Please

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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 01:40 PM
What I would like to have is a page that list's, say, the last 400 new topics, (or more)

from all ATS forums, (BTS could have it's own)

divvied up into 4 pages of a hundred each, or 8 pages 50 each.

(when you click show ribbon>friends threads) it shows your friends last 500 threads- like that, only showing

-ALL- new threads (friends, enemies, and commoner's alike)

Naturally, if one is 404'd it would fall off the list, and an older or newer would take the space.

As it stands, it seems I have no choice but to work my way through each forum.

Or is their something similar already in place?

My problem is, that sometimes i can't get on for 3-5 days

and I miss a lot of interesting topics.

Any help?

Or, a trick I haven't found?


Great work guys and thanks for any help or pointers!

------Bad-gag entertainment presents------------

[[(a Tired Redneck and a Commie Thread-Troll walk into a forum,, heard this one?

Ti-Red orders a double TRUTH, on the rocks, please, matter-of-fact,

make it two and sure, you can garnish

with your opinion. (the bartender's name was OP, if I remember right)

While the ComT-T orders a Flaming Half-truth, then cusses cause it tastes funny and

slams the glass on the floor, which splatters on on our hero's boots,

at which time you know what ol Ti-Red did?

I'm gonna tell you what he did!

He spins that ComT-T around and says "Look here mister, I didn't come in here looking

for a fight,

but how about you apologize to OP and get your tail outta here"

And dang if that scoundrel ComT-T muttered something silly

and run outta that forum like a cat with his tail on fire!)]]

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 01:44 PM
Sometimes new threads are like sorting through your junk mail filter..

Every now and then a good e-mail gets stuck in the junk..
I like it being a bit sifted through all ready..
(just one mans opinion)

Is this thread one of them?

Well I guess the people will decide
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