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Straw Poll at VVS, winner is...

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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 03:53 PM

So Ron Paul wins it and on Fox News They showed the results showing Ron Paul wins... Well i guess since they had to bring in "Five" to replace beck lol, now they have a "Womens Panel?" looks like the "View" garbage. Hmmm so they showed the results and Decided to tell us how it wasn't a suprise the Hermian Cain was on the rise, totally forgetting Ron Paul this is funny watching our country go down the drain. Im not saying he can save us, but his views are the only ones that are different from the others, and it seems that the others views are the same views that keep us in this crap, all i can say is be ready. 4 more years.... ohhhh no....

Well now on fox: How do you explain Ron Paul winning??Really? The guy says well ya alot of people are scratching their heads wondering the same thing... There were alot of young voters their... Wow nerds lol. If it was any one else they would be jumping thru hoops.
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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 03:59 PM
So Paul and Cain are at the top, again. But, you have to take Paul and Cain out and then you are left with the real front runners, according to the traitorous cancer in the media, Bill O'Reilly.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 04:19 PM
Yeah, its to the point to where even the MSM is realizing they can't ignore Paul's wins, but that is why the winners are starting to become side-notes while they continue to talk more to Newt Gingrich (why that pathetic tub of traitorous lard is even thinking about running is ridiculous, the only guy ever to go to a pro-constitution rally to tell people how "we have to give up some of our liberty for security in this 'new' day and age"), Karl Rove, and other people that are "experts" of politics.

Ron can't catch a break and Cain is at least still better than everyone else but paul. But by time voting time comes around again, they have their old buddies, the vote hacking software (or just plain already set vote tallys in the machines)

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 04:48 PM
Cain isn't even a reasonable choice.

Cain became a member of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in 1992 and served as its chairman from January 1995 to August 1996, when he resigned to become active in national politics.[15]

Cain was on the board of directors of Aquila, Inc. from 1992 to 2008, and also served as a board member for Nabisco, Whirlpool, Reader's Digest, and AGCO, Inc.

wiki herman cain

This guy has big-business and big-banks written all over him.

How could anyone even think he is a viable candidate at all?

If anyone has an ulterior agenda, it has to be this dude.
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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 06:14 PM
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