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posted on Aug, 28 2004 @ 12:50 PM
I do not know if this is cthe correct board to post this on but I cna't think of another that it should be on. I did a search on 527 and found nothing like the rant i want to go on, so here goes.....

I see GWB and others everyday talking about we need to get rid of 527's because they are BAD. Folks let me say this, we have basically 3 groups that are currently setting the debates in politics today through the media and ads. those groups are the RNC, the DNC and 527's. To rid us of the 527's would leave us with what? the RNC and the DNC. Does anyone think that this is a good idea? Letting those two parties set the agenda for debate, letting them decide which topics will be in the debate? I for one find this appalling and very scarey. I am smart enough to take the 527 ads for what they are, individual groups putting their agenda across and their opinions on topics. I may agree with them or not, I may find them untruthful or not but I should have the right to see them. I do not want an America where the only people allowed to run an ad is the 2 parties. People need to think about this, because silencing all opposition to the 2 parties because you dont like what they are saying or they are untruthful in your opinion. Remember that American law allows for Slander and Libel suits when someone is FALSELY ACCUSSED or ATTACKED. If a 527 puts out a blatant untruth the answer lies in the legal remedies not in SHUTTING UP DISSENTION. Well I hope my point came across in this rant and I can't wait to hear what others think about this....

posted on Aug, 28 2004 @ 02:18 PM
The calls to ban "outside voices" are nothing short of unconstitutional.

Let the parties play their games of asking the other to denounce the claims of one 527 versus the other, and sue for libel or illegal coordination when provable.

But to outlaw dissent and independent voice?

I predict Libertarians and other third parties will have well funded 527 groups one day attacking both major parties. This is what "they" don't want to happen.

I wish we had Muslim 527's, Women's 527's, Union 527's... basically more voices of real people, not corporations.

I'm sorry but prewritten letters spammed to the editor is not the "voice of the people"... and commercial dependent news certainly isn't!!!

Welcome to Capitalism. If you've got something to say, you have two choices "the free speech zone" away from cameras or BUY AIR TIME. Now they want to ban your access to YOUR AIRWAVES. The FCC already rigged the game in the post Turner revolution. No more upstarts. No more indys. Bought and paid pre-approved mind control is what you get on broadcast and cable. You want freedom of speech? Subscribe to Showtime.

Or make your own documentary like some others the people have been trained to hate for excercising their freedoms.

And enjoy the Interent while you can, because the means of subversive communication and unsanctioned meetings will not be tolerated forever. Assuming you can even know who you're talking to already.

But yes. Banning 527's is a slippery, unconstitutional, illegal slope not to be stomached lightly. Though it AMAZES me some already have jumped on Bush's bandwagon to outlaw their own right to third party speech.

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