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Lets discuss a couple facts.

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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 03:11 PM
Welcome all,

Today I would like to bring to your attention a couple facts concerning Obama and his policies.
Firstly, has anyone noticed their utility bills going up? I have, and I'm not using stuff any more than I have been since I started cutting back. Unfortunately Obama doesn't want to take credit for this, and with good reason.

Lets look back at what Obama said prior to his election, about his cap and trade plan.

"Rates would necessarily skyrocket" ?? well that's wonderful Isn't it? this for global warming which may or may not be real, or at least as dangerous as the left likes to say.

And of course this little tid-bit probably doesn't make the power plants feel any better..

So he is willing to bankrupt power plants, without a viable alternative system in place??

So let me get this straight. In order to save our little corner of the globe from itself, you want utility bills to skyrocket on everyone rich or poor, and even make power plants close ( costing us even more jobs) to implement cap and trade, when we are no where near as bad a polluter now as say, china.

Lets not forget about the recent power plant closing that happened already because of EPA rules, guess since cap and trade is a bust, they are trying to do it the sneaky way.

Proposed federal clean-air rules could have a profound impact on American Electric Power, leading to an increase in electricity bills, the closing or partial closing of 11 power plants and the loss of 600 jobs, the company said.

AEP Power plant closings

ST. LOUIS -- Ameren Corp. said Tuesday it will close two power plants in Illinois by the end of the year, blaming the cost of complying with new pollution rules issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Ameren plant closings

So yeah, just a handful of plants but could we see a domino effect later on?

Now I personally don't think that right now wind or solar is the answer to these problems. I think nuclear is, as long as we use the right fuel. I would Propose Thorium as an alternative fuel for reactors

Over the last 40 years there has been interest in utilising thorium as a nuclear fuel since it is more abundant in the Earth's crust than uranium. Also, all of the mined thorium is potentially useable in a reactor, compared with the 0.7% of natural


This would be better since wind and solar are not viable for the mass production, and mass demand we require today.

So I would have to say that's one against Obama. Now lets take a look at the Democratic call to raise taxes.

Democrats are saying that we need to raise taxes in order to bring in more income to the federal government.
I was not able to find a chart on this, and I don't know what our exact tax rates are right now, but if everyone's struggling it doesn't seem like a good idea. everyone is paying their fair share, there just isn't enough people working to do it. In other words: Unemployment goes up, Government income goes down.

We have all gotten that paycheck stub showing us what we paid in fed, state, SS and Med. Obviously if more and more people lose their jobs, and more and more people are getting older and relying on SS and medicare. then we have an issue of Supply Vs. Demand

And the reason why nobody is hiring, is because of Obamacare. That is simply not the answer. In fact I would bet money that OC would also go bankrupt at some point. No what we need is to allow insurance companies to sell their product across state lines.

When a company finds that they have way more product in stock than they are selling, what do they do? they have a sale. The same would happen with health insurance. More often than not, competing companies benefit the consumer via lower prices.

Now obviously there is more than just that to drive down prices, but you get the idea.

hmm, seems I kinda went off my train of thought there, so lets get back to the taxes issue.

Ronald Reagan managed to accomplish what the Obama administration has sought to do for a couple years now. Create or save jobs.

Did you know that with the Reagan policies in place, the country created 1 million jobs in a single month? sounds kinda like the one of the goals are President has set for himself. in fact... jobs were not even created at all in august.

“Changing tax rates changed behavior, and changed behavior affected tax revenues. Reagan understood that lowering tax rates led to static revenue losses,” Laffer writes. “But he also understood that lowering tax rates also increased taxable income, whether by increasing output or by causing less use of tax shelters and less tax cheating.” The result: 21 million jobs created between December 1982 and June 1990


Another little quote from this website which makes perfect sense:

“The true lesson to be learned from the Reagan presidency is that good economics isn't Republican or Democrat, right-wing or left-wing, liberal or conservative. It's simply good economics”

Wasn't Obama trying to draw upon Reagan for inspiration a while back? Now I'm not saying that going from 50% to 27% was a good idea, but I think Reagan Had it right bringing the top income tax rate down from 70%

I'm sure your all tired of reading, and I'm sure there will be counter arguments. but lets recap:

Obama wants to raise everyone's utility rates including the poor

And he would raise taxes.. but the big question is... by how much?

there is more I wanted to get to, but alas I have run out of room.

And I also apologize if this doesn't seem as put together as I'd like. Its hard to think, and postulate when watching kids.

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