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Europe stares down banks collapse as crisis worsens

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 05:03 PM

Europe squared up to the growing likelihood of a new collapse in its banking sector as markets crashed and the euro fell on growing fears Greece's debt crisis could snare exposed banks...

With eurozone leaders again delaying a handout of bailout monies to Greece, worries are mounting that banks could start falling like dominos if a chain reaction of even partial debt defaults is triggered from Athens.

France and Belgium stepped up to pledge they would guarantee Dexia's commitments as the drama morphed into what French Finance Minister Francois Baroin termed a "replica" of the US mortage-induced credit crunch in 2008.

Osborne however said ministers had acknowledged that the strength or otherwise of the eurozone banking system was "something that had to be addressed, and I believe it will be," with a "sense of urgency" present throughout the talks.

"Dexia's problems stress the point that for eurozone leaders the Greek crisis is less about Greece and more about the potential for it to spark a much more widespread banking and economic disaster," said Rabobank analyst Jane Foley....

Dexia is the leading provider of local government financing in France.

"Europe has got to sort out the Greeks, the banks and the EFSF," said one senior diplomat.....

But there was bad news for Greece's private sector creditors from eurozone chiefs, with German Chancellor Wolfgang Schaeuble underscoring a warning from Luxembourg premier Jean-Claude Juncker overnight.

h warned banks to expect greater losses on their Greek sovereign debt holdings than a 21 percent haircut agreed in July. the private sector said it would participate in a second bailout of Greece, with the eurozone and IMF providing 109 billion euros in new funds.

Many European banks have extensive holdings of Greek sovereign debt, and e governments are worrying about how much they will have to give their banks in the event of a Greek default.

Since this article was publsihed only hours ago, the fears have since subsided on promises of a European coordinated response to the banking crisis, and Dexia in particular as I understand, and as we saw only a couple of hours ago, a rally on the stock markets and the Dow surging 400 points on this giddy-inspiring news. Wonder what the duration of this half life will be on investor confidence? Probably shorter than the last, as it was before it and so on. Anyway here we sit, watch and marvel at a European banking collapse on the brink with little to no viable solution to end the ongoing crisis.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 05:15 PM
I am just begging for the start of world-wide inflation. Then no
state will remain the same, people will have the names of human
returned, the power will be back to the humans and we will need
critical thinkers worthy of leadership to talk on behalf of the people.
I ask some ATS'ers who are worthy to lead such a resistance because you are
critical thinkers, I myself shall also lead a movement sometime. Power to the

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 05:22 PM
This whole "crisis" has been teetering on the brink of a SHTF situation for how long? Just like the once looming war with North Korea, or the yo-yo situation between Israel and Iran. I have come to the conclusion that these situations may be real to some degree, but the media rotates between them to catch our attention so we will not focus on what is really happening.

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