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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 12:35 PM
I have finally read enough of fellow ATS'ers opinions of the Occupy Wall Street protests that I want to give you my take on the subject. The warning is there are more than likely going to be misspelled words as I don't always stop to look neat when ranting. I could go off subject, I have alot of built up rant. Mod this is my first thread and all I can do is hope to get it right. If not, do with as you please.

Now then let's see.....I have not been watching every second of the action but I think enough to ask Just where do you see just a bunch of kids?? Granted, they make up alot of the crowd but since no one can find a job anymore, there is a diverse age group. Those people that do have jobs well, duh, they have to work during the week and really don't have the luck to have time to just camp out awhile. Anyone that is there to just get college credit well allright, they might just learn something! I am happy to see the kids take an interest in something like this to begin with. I see so many that don't give a squat about constitutional rights, the fed, (heck they think it is a federal government institution) our illegal wars or the soon to collapse economy. So how can anyone dare to critizise these young people for trying. At least someone has finally done something!! What have you done? Sit and complain on ATS that someone needs to do something year after year. Waiting yourself for someone brave enough to first put the effort forward. Well maybe their agenda is not precise but neither is all that is wrong with wall street. The fact is the largest most powerful money B*****ds own our government, military, healthcare , media and us! That is alot to fix. Where is the root? My personal is mainly in the fed and their gambling game that goes by the name wall street. Well it is about time someone got in their face. Disrupting traffic I hope so, getting media attention I hope so, gaining supporters joining their ranks, I hope so! That is what this is about is to start screaming in their face, in their face, get it, not behind closed doors in your safe home.
Why not be in Washington doing this? The puppets can only do what the puppet masters allow. If you have not got it yet let me stray subject Listen carefully, you may want to sit down becausae this is something even seemingly intelligent people's mind can not comprehend The 2 Party System Does Not Really Exist period. For god sake I am so sick and tired of hearing oh, thats the left or rightwinger and on and on. No One under our current coup is going to defect from the ranks. There is more than one way to get to the end goal and if I hear I vote republician or I vote democrat one more time I am going to heave. It does not freakin matter! As long as we allow the corporations to fund and buy our leaders it is not going to matter. If people would start voting for anyone who has not been in office before we might clear up some of the corruption just because new has not had time to be bribed as much. But do the people do that ... lol ..yeah right! Why is it people will put incompetant jerks in year after year. It really burns me up. Even if kmy state has half a brain enough to put someone in that may try not to be so blatent about robbing us, then other states put in some who cares wacko, well I am affected by those people too. think of your fellow americans before you put a knife in us. You may like the pain but we all suffer. Much pain could be avoided if you could train your brain .. there is no 2 party system it is an illusion. My answer to that is in 2012 do not leave anyone in office that is incumbant. Get rid of the lot of them.
I will leave you with some thoughts. If you think "they" ,( our respected congress) would go for this think again!
1) ALL lobbying is to stop while congress is is session. No meeting lobbyist 2 weeks prior to congress convening and would be grounds for dismissal. Lobbying in washington would be totally banned period. No power lunches, no parties, no hookers.
2) Overhaul the voting. Make it mandatory that all Americans can be selected to serve in congress. YOu know how jury duty is selected, well use the same format and every 2 years draw another name who will be working in congress for two years. You couldn't do any worse in being screwed and being that real non millionaires are involved with forming the countries laws, might actually work. That way no buddy buddy system has a chance to take hold. Always fresh always new.
Oh and I would like to tell you, congess Bailed Themselves Out!! online, research, the major stocks owned, reps who became millionaires AFTER election, how much they are worth You expect them to care about us! They covered their own ass. thank you

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