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Tourist-Sponsored Homeland Security

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 02:19 PM
Last time I was in the US, I was astounded by how every tourist attraction, every national monument... basically any place that lots of people are likely to go has a little area where everyone going in gets their picture taken so they can review and/or buy a group picture at the end of their tour.

What an easy way to track the motions of tourists, eh? (Showing my Canadian streak right there)

So, here we are with a fountain of information for the DHS, including face-on images of each person entering the area, known associates/colleagues and date/time of entry and exit.

Really, if these services are NOT "provided" by the DHS, in exchange for people buying the terrible-quality pictures, I'd be surprised if they are not, at the very least, holding the keys to the Databases containing those pictures.

"Facial recognition, activate!!"

What do you think? What do you know? Who runs/benefits from these things? Does anybody even know what I'm talking about? Help me out here...

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by CrikeyMagnet

The vendors selling over priced photos to tourists????

Really though, wouldn't it be much more efficient to just use cameras that dump the videos to computers with facial recognition software?

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 02:36 PM
remember in the UK they stopped people taking photos of landamarks but you could buy the exact same photo as a postcard since for some reason slapping a stamp on a postcard to Osama with words like lets bomb this is more secure than letting someone take a exact photo

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