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3 Wierd Dreams

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posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 11:59 AM
These three dreams I'm going to share with you don't seem to be connected by content, but they gave me the exact same feeling. Thus, I feel like they are connected some how. In them, I didn't really feel like they were nightmares, but as you'll see they had quite scary and morbid undertones. I'm sharing them because they were pretty vivid and seem like they had a lot of meaning behind them, but please understand that some people in them, including me, acted out of character at times. If you have any comments or insights to meanings, please share.

The first one started with me returning to Raleigh, NC where I lived a year prior. I had to return to my mom's in Michigan because I had messed up and lost my job. I had felt like, and still do, that I threw away pretty good opportunities. In the dream I got an apartment in the same community as I once lived, but this apartment was even better. I felt amazing. I was making it. Then an old friend called me. He sounded distressed, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't listen to him. I kept asking what he was saying until finally I told him that I couldn't understand him and had to go. After I hung up I felt terror for him, for me, and that I was going to ruin my second shot at making it in NC. Later, I needed some cigs so I started to walk to a gas station. This gas station happened to be one in Michigan. Upon arriving at the gas station the friend who had called me pulled up in a car and told me to get in. I was glad because I was worried about him. He then told me he needed money. I said that we all do. He said, "no, I NEED MONEY." Then he told me to rob the gas station. I thought he was kidding. He assured me that he wasn't. I told him that was stupid and I wouldn't do anything like that. He then put a gun in my face. So I said alright. I went in and bought a pack of cigs, and realized with joy that i had a couple hundred dollars in my pocket. I got back in the car and gave him all of my money. He laughed like he knew what I did. This made me scared. It seemed like he was testing me for something, and I had failed. Apparently though, he had let me go or I escaped, because the next thing I remember I was walking towards my apartment. It had changed though. It was a big building that almost looked like a hotel. It was on fire. I saw images like security camera footage. They were too graphic to really describe. Luckily, I don't remember much of this part, but apparently I acted honorably. People were acting like I was a hero, but I felt like I didn't really deserve it. I then remember something about a McDonalds, and trying to get away from something. Then I was walking through an alley when my friend again showed up in his car. He told me to get in, and I did. He looked at me like I was stupid for getting in again. This time he had a girl with him, who in real life he didn't even know, but in this dream they were together. She had a shotgun in her hands. They then told me that they were in a war or had some cause that they were fighting for, and that I had two options. The first was that they would kill me. The second was that I would join them. I didn't want to die so I accepted. I asked what/who were they fighting. They said I had to swear a creed first. The girl said, "repeat after me." I wish I remembered more of it, because it was long, well written, and it rhymed. It started with "This I swear to be true" and then ended with, "until then I will not rest, unless my last breath, leaves me in death." Then I woke up.

The second dream happened a long time after the last one. I don't remember how it started, but I was with another friend. We somehow knew someone was coming to rob him, but we weren't at his house. We were at my aunts. We had retreated in the basement. I was thinking or said, "ha, when he comes I can take him." Then we heard the front door being kicked in. I looked at my friend and said, "are you ready?" My friend just had a frightened looked on his face. I said something like, "you knew this was coming, don't chicken out now." The robber then came down the stairs, and to my surprise and horror stood a man easily 7 feet tall, 350 pounds, and all muscle. I obviously hesitated, but apparently my little pep talk worked. My friend said something really cocky to the man. So he charged at him. I raised my hand and yelled, "Woah!" He looked at me. Then my friend had somehow grabbed a gun from my uncles gun cabinet, and he shot him. It did not drop him. In fact, he just looked confused. So my friend shot him over and over again. Until finally he sat on the ground and rested his back against a couch. I ran to him and said, "you need to find peace. You're going to die. Find peace." I begged him, and then he looked up at me. I heard another gun shot, and blood poured out of his forehead. I then ran to my friend. "You need to find peace. Hes dead. Forgive him. Forgive yourself. Find peace." He put the gun back in the cabinet. Then we were walking to get out of the basement, and I looked back and saw the man standing back up. He charge after my friend, so i positioned myself in a way that I could tackle him. He saw that I was taking an aggressive stance, so he came after me. He had a box cutter with an unusually long blade in his hand. He swung it at me, but caught his hand. I tried to wrestle it out of his hand. It wasn't working. The blade was cutting my hands. Then, when I thought he was going to over power me, I kicked him as hard as I could in the chest. This Knocked him over and left me with the box cutter. A uncontrollable rage rushed over me. I knelt down and proceeded to slash his neck. I then dropped the blade in horror at what I had done. I sat down next to him in tears. My friend then walked down the stairs, as apparently he had ran away. I looked up at him and said, "Its over. Its gone." He said, "I know" Then I woke up.

posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 12:10 PM
This Third dream happened recently. It took place at my aunts again. Apparently we were having a family get together. Then I looked at the floor and there was a snake. I have no fear of snakes, but this snake was easily 10 feet long and 10 inches in diameter. It had a face like a Disney cartoon snake with a big bulbous nose and big eyes, but it was realistic looking. I got up to try to get away from it. The snake cocked back like he was about to strike, so I jumped towards a couch. The snake flew through the air, and in slow motion I barely dodged it. It landed on the couch. My cousin had been sitting on the couch, and the snake cocked back and then bit him in the face. I yelled, "Grab it, grab it behind the head!" He just got up and walked away. This made me confused and angry at him. Then someone yelled, "look at that!" There was a hole in the wall on the other side of the couch, and hundreds of baby snakes were crawling out of it. This made me realize the snake was the mother and it was guarding the hole. Then me, my cousin, and a couple other people were in the basement. I asked my cousin if the bite had hurt with a little chuckle. He said, "uh yea it hurt a lot" Then I got in his face to rile him up. I yelled something like, "are you a man? are you tough? lets go!" Then we went upstairs to eat dinner. Apparently my family didn't find it necessary to leave the house even though there were hundreds of aggressive snakes slithering around. Then one hung down from the ceiling behind my girlfriend. It cocked back like it was going to bite her, so I grabbed it. I tried to smash it down on the counter like a whip, but, for some reason it just wouldn't work. I then decided to stomp on it, which did work. Then we were outside. Me and my girlfriend were laying on the ground. I looked to the side of her and there were worm sized snakes all around. I realized that they were babies from before so I stomped all of them. Then for no reason at all my table from my apartment was there. The original big snake was on top of it. A person I knew from a past job was attempting to jump on the table to crush the snake. This made me very angry. I told him that I understood he was trying to kill the snake but that he can't just jump on my table like that. Then I woke up

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 09:27 AM
More action in your dreams than a chaki chan movie!

Fisrt dream the gas station robbery you sorted it out the best you could help and not breaking the law.

Second dream house robbery this 7ft muscle man you gave him a pep talk to reason with him it worked until a friend messed it up by opening his mouth and saying something smart but you resorted to attacking this 7ft man.

Third dream snake attacking you solving this problem and someone you know helping but annoying you by jumping on your table.

Money Robbery Attacking Friend Helping

From those 3 dreams something your friend as done to you are yet to do that will challenge your friendship a friend that might break the law in someway cause you pain.

Your dreams show you as a helpful person but willing to go to extreme measures!
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