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Canada's Anti Consumers Copyright Bill C-32 Is Back, Harper Thought People Would Forget it

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posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 05:23 PM
link CBC

This bill is bad for everyone inculding teachers and Consumers alike

30-day 'book burning' rule

Another provision that has raised the ire of critics is the one requiring students and educators to destroy online course material that uses copyrighted works within 30 days of the course being over. "That exemption tries on the one hand to facilitate distance learning and the use of technology, but at the same time, if you rely on that exception, you are then subject to the limitation of destroying the materials," Geist said.

"Where you've got someone who circumvents a lock with the intent of burning 1,000 copies and selling them on a street corner, absolutely the law ought to target that," Geist said. "But where we're talking about the consumer who wants to play the DVD they've purchased in Europe or in Asia, or the student who wants to make use of the electronic book on their laptop, or the journalist who wants to use a clip out of a DVD for a news report or the teacher who wants to do a mutlimedia presentation, it seems to me that the law currently says they have those rights, and those shouldn't be lost just because there is a digital lock on the content."

Do you agree with the provisions in the new Copyright Act?

No, they are too restrictive to consumers. 87.97% (1,901 votes)

alot of canadians disagree with Harper in this one, canadians on the cmment section are fed up with it.

And this is freedom? What's next Harper rewriting "oh Canada" and putting locks on it for profit. For the people that don't see it yet Harper is trying to take away our freedom and put you in jail along with the rest of us. The digital locks are bit idiotic, it's like telling me I can go buy a lawn mower and only mow part of my lawn, and if I was to mow all the lawn or lend to a friend, I would be breaking the law.

Our Royal Canadian Prime Minister will do this now at the beginning of his four year term so that by the next election everyone will have forgotten about it.

If the right people (Artist) would be profiting from these proposal I am all for it but unfortunately this is not the case. Greedy companies that profit from the work of artist already are the only one benefiting. I think, this is another sad P.R. stunt of the Tories trying to please there "American Masters" and Business Buddies. -Forgetting that Government is about all its citizens in this beautiful and great Nation called Canada and not about a few people who think of themselves as privileged

I challenge anyone who supports these changes to provide me with legitimate proof that me downloading something I wouldn't have purchased to begin with is costing the mega music corporations and others money. When you can't prove it, I expect a 24 of Sleemans.

here is a prediction....4 years form now NOT ONE conservative will get a seat in the election.

Opposition: Copyright plans favour business


Liberal Heritage critic Scott Simms pointed to U.S. embassy cables, published by Wikileaks, that suggested Canadian officials were working directly with Washington on the copyright changes.

Harper was working with Washington on this, interesting to note Japan did pass a similar to the Bill C32 and the American Copyright bill since japan was pressured to do so.

Well Fellow ATS Canadians i think its time that we do something about this Bill, because i do know people didnt want nor voted for Harper
Just then who did?

posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 05:28 PM
I knew this crap would happen i told evveryone not to vote for this guy.

He is such a horrible person. I know for a fact in the Native communities he is viewed as a racist.

The real problem is that there has been no one in canadian politics who are able to debate stongly enough to ask the right questions and get him out.

I was so disspointed when he was re-elected, I knew this was a bad thing for canada, btu everyone was scared because of the economic boogeyman.

posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 07:40 PM
here is a prediction....4 years form now NOT
ONE conservative will get a seat in the election.

Wow..someone tell this guy to lay off the drugs. Quite the quote that he couldn't even spell the word from correct.

posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by Agent_USA_Supporter

You know, Harper, who thinks he's running this colony is so stupid, he had Russell Williams (CO Trenton AFB and serial rapist/Murderer) as his pilot and used him to fly around the queen as well. You'd think they could figure this out with CSIS and the RCMP watching characters like this for years (he was an associate and friend of Paul Bernardo, they do look at known associations with other serial rapists and killers). It's because Harper and his cronies are so out of touch with reality they just don't know what the hell is going on. They let everyone else make their decisions, lobbyists from the record industry, the oil industry, the bankster cartel, the military/industrial complex, the Obamanator, etc. They let their corporate masters ship huge numbers of jobs offshore and then make excuses why the economy is pooched. If one of these characters had an original thought or did the right thing, it would be shocking.

There are a whole series of nasty bills in the works, C6/C36, C50, C51 and C52 plus this resurrected piece of garbage. What the government needs to do, is roll back all legislation and treaties back to say 1960 and then look at them again and ask the Canadian people to vote on each and every one. I know it's a huge job, but it's better to take the time and do it right, than do something treasonous, like they've been doing all along. Our politicians are useless and nothing more than meat puppets.

Cheers - Dave
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