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Satan at the Crick!

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 09:20 PM
Greetings fellow atsers and freedom fighters,
I have been lurking on this site for a bit now, posting here and there when i feel appropriate. I never did an intro thread or anything so here we go.
i am posting a vid i made a few years ago w my early production company. one of my friends works in a warehouse. he said that one of his co-workers told him a story that in a certain river in mexico or southern america, if you sacrifice a goat, satan will appear and grant you seven years of whatever your heart desires. afterwards, your soul of course is his to do with as he pleases. as soon as i heard this story i knew we had to make a skit about it.
my backround (degree) is in theatre so my approach to this sketch is heavily influenced by those directing methods. for those familer, harold pinter is the king of dramatic pauses. you will see a number of these in the sketch. most people have said it is to long for internet humor ( 9 min) but in my eyes it is as long as it has to be as i was going for a full story- begining middle and end.
i am not trolling. i am asking you guys for honest reviews. (i really like this site and am here for conspiracies mainly fyi) also i feel non mainstream thinkers will like this the best, and that's mostly of what this site is made up of. side notes- i am the one on the crutch. i co-wrote co-directed and co-stared. the magazine i am using is supposed to be the necronomican (lawl) this was done w no budget whatsoever

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 09:29 PM
There's some sort of problem with your YouTube link...

And by some sort of problem, I mean it doesn't work

Edit: Well, the hyperlink works, not sure why the main one doesn't.
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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by TurkeyTots

i am newb here me fail! the link above does but cannont embed vid...little help anyone?

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 09:50 PM
figured it out

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 10:44 PM
I very much enjoyed that, good work my friend.
Reminds me of what my friends and I have done. Here's a taste:

That was one of our improvisation public skits, did this back in high school.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by OrganicAnagram33

thanks for sharing man!

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