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Palestine is Seeking Membership of the UN, Not Statehood

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posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 05:01 PM
Is everyone aware of the reasons we were mislead by the media about the Palestinian bed for membership into the U N ?

The primary reasons for Israel and the U S to block Palestine from becoming a member of the U N is self preservation.

Can you imagine the problems which would come about from them joining and gaining the benefits afforded by the international treatees which go along with this membership.
This article lays out several of these problems and they are not small ones.

I encourage you to read the article and you will better understand why we were not told this by the mainstream news outlets.

The biggest error repeated across the media in hundreds of headlines and stories is that the Palestinians are seeking statehood at the U.N. In fact, Palestine is already legally a sovereign state and is seeking membership of the United Nations, not statehood. The United Nations does not grant or recognize statehood. Only states can recognize other states bilaterally. The U.N. can only confer membership or non-member, observer state status to already existing states. The U.N. Charter is clear. Article 4 says that only existing states may apply for U.N. membership.

Membership in the U.N. requires a recommendation from the 15-member Security Council, secured with nine votes in favor and no vetoes. If the recommendation passes, the 193-seat General Assembly must approve with a two-thirds majority. Eight votes in favor or less would kill the Security Council membership resolution, sparing the U.S. from a veto that would cost them dearly on the Arab street.

The Montevideo Convention of 1933 lays out the requirements for statehood: a population living on a defined territory with a government that can enter into relations with other governments. The Palestinians have all three. Though its borders with Israel are not set, other countries with border disputes have been admitted as U.N. members, such as Pakistan and India. Trygve Lie, the first U.N. Secretary-General, also wrote a 1950 memo that states do not need universal recognition to apply.

Palestine declared its independence on November 15, 1988, a fact found nowhere in the American mainstream reporting of the past week. A Palestinian walked out of the Al Asqa Mosque that day in Al Quds/Jerusalem and read the declaration aloud, much as someone read the American Declaration of Independence to a crowd in the courtyard of the Philadelphia State House on July 4, 1776.

I have quoted some high points of the article for those who may not read further than this. Atleast then they may know some of what they are arguing against.

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 06:03 PM
Wow. If this is true, and I am not doubting you personally, rather just being careful, this is amazing. The blatant media coverup could not be denied. I can understand that the government would NOT want the citizens to know this, because then it may make them (U.S.A.) seem malevolent instead of diplomatic.

Does anyone think they would actually be allowed membership? The acceptance process is rather stringent, and I would imagine it will purposefully be taken down to the wire in terms of vote count. My head is still swimming due to this possible realization, so excuse me while I go do a bit of research to educate myself on the matter. Good thread btw, flagged.


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