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UK Possessed Mobile Gas Chambers:New Inquest Evidence

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posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 01:51 PM
The new inquest investigating the death of RAF serviceman Ronald Maddison has produced startling new evidence that the UK possessed Mobile Gas Chambers!

Today the inquest jury not only heard that military scientists at the UK Chemical Defence Experimental Establishment Porton Down had ignored Government orders to immediately stop all human experimentation research, but that the UK Home Office possessed mobile gas chambers.

Nerve Gas Tests Continued after Ban, Inquest Told

By Sarah Cade, PA News

Military scientists continued nerve gas tests on human volunteers in a mobile chamber, despite a Government ban imposed after the death of an RAF serviceman, an inquest heard today.

The hearing into the death of airman Ronald Maddison in 1950s sarin experiments at Porton Down, was told that the tests continued to take place after Government minister Duncan Sandys suspended all nerve gas tests.

The coroner for Wiltshire and Swindon, David Masters, told the jury that documents had been discovered which showed names had been entered into the Observations Summary Book on July 13 and 20 – some eight weeks after Mr Maddison’s death........

....... The jury was shown a photograph dated August 12 1953 of the inside and outside of a mobile chamber. The court heard the mobile unit had the word “property of the Home Office” written on the side.

Full article here

Why the Home Office would have these sort of vehicles is perplexing. All Civil Defence training vehicles were clearly marked CIVIL DEFENCE.

Anyone have any ideas?

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