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US bases in Iraq named after Oil Companies

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posted on Aug, 26 2004 @ 11:15 AM
The 101st Airborne Division has named one of its refueling bases in the Iraqi desert Forward Operating Base Exxon and another Forward Operating Base Shell.

An Exxon Mobil flack told the Times, “I think the 101st was being pretty creative and naming things after what reminds them of home. And I think that's pretty neat.”

A Dutch expert on global energy thought it was less neat. Jan Stuart said, "You have this atmosphere of suspicion and apprehension now, and that's just among your allies. And in this atmosphere, you call your own supply effort this. It's mind-boggling the degree of insensitivity. There is little doubt the Americans will win the war, but you have to wonder how people who are so insensitive are going to win the peace."

Is the atitude " We don’t have any friends left to lose anyway, so why not tell it like it is?"

NY Times

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