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What If?

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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 05:29 PM
have been watching and reading the doom and gloom posts. i have to say its getting me abit unnerved.
institutions taking money out of the market. denver fema exercises this weekend. satellite falling, somewhere. major world leaders getting out of town by early next week.
what if the whole concept of 2012 disaster is valid, but just the date is off by a year. isn't disinformation just providing partial truths? not sure what if anything is going on. probably nothing. but if major gov'ts around the world knew something was going to happen, they would just tweek the calender abit. if you see a fireball heading toward earth, if the gov't gives you a timetable of events, you are more likely to believe the timetable because it corresponds to what you see.
hope all of you enjoy this weekend. life moves pretty fast. wish i could see the skies, but its been pretty overcast for awhile.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 05:41 PM
reply to post by Lawgiver

Well I am not sure what might or might not happen I don't know anything about World Leaders getting out of town?? I mean the only thing I know about is the drill in CO and Obama heading to CO around the same time. I mean honestly the drill is probably a cover up for the protection of the president. The whole name stinks of BS To me Mountain Guardian and Cheyenne Mountain in the immediate local makes me wonder.

On the calendar thing honestly if anything the calendar is wrong on the date. Most scientists agree that Dec 21, 2012 has already passed or won't happen till 2015 because of all the changes to the calendar over the years and lost time due to the incorrect Calendar days etc.

The Satellite is really nothing new the same thing has happened in the past and as stated the last big on landed in Australia which was quite funny as they billed the US for littering
Other then that everything is SNAFU; just wait till the original space station starts to re-enter

Anyway I am sure everything will be fine. Elenin well that one I just can't explain. It's like the whole Nibiru thing. Just not sure how they came up with this stuff.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 06:07 PM
Welll i am starting to think this elenin thing is over rated. However by the time we kiss it goodbye about october 26th when it leaves its closest point, we are going to experience something else on november 9th. A 400 m wide asteroid call ed yu55 is going to be the nearest miss we humans have forseen from space.

there was an asteroid which came through our atmosphere , almost grazed the earth , and left again into space , back in 1976 .

yu 55 will pass about 22 000 km away from us : thats would be inside of the orbit of the moon . the moon travels near the ecliptic around the equator though and yu 55 will go over the top of us.

thats unless a crunchy co incidence happens though , and phage refused to answer if it might have any friends with it. its coming in on its own orbit , being one of the apollo group , and is pulling in from the asteroid belt.
so never fear , doom and gloom will always be here

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