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An open question to dissenters and others unhappy with the state of things in this Country: HOW exac

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 08:23 PM
By "how" I am referring to logistics, chances of success (even moderate success), chances of things being squashed before they could start, et cetera. I also want to know what exactly would happen after, if and when "we" (the people) regained control of the apparently corrupt Government.

Considering some of the content on this site, and in this sub-forum in general, I thought this was probably the best place for this type of discussion.

About me: I am mostly a lurker, and politically speaking, mostly indifferent or apathetic. I am a middle class, 26 year old white male with no diagnosed mental conditions, or criminal history. I am a self described "moderate", and don't fully support any Presidantal candidate or Party agenda, though technically speaking, I am regeistered as a Republican.

This thread is open to anyone and everyone able to form an opinon, from you alleged government disinformation agents, to you borderline psychotic tin foil hat wearers.

Please keep it civil.
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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 08:41 PM

1. if your not thinking about money you cant even begin to fix whats wrong with this country as in the federal reserve
2. if your not thinking about the dumbing down of american aka the department of education ditto
3, limiting the power of government should be the first step in self recovery we are crooked as a people so its only natural we have crooked politicans.
4. instituting term limits is another positive step in the right direction of america
5. constitutional ban of all special interests another step and that means all of them
6. fixing the tax code is a must a flat and fair tax everyone pays no one gets out of it.
7. hate me but getting people off the government dime is another must out of a country of 300 million ameircans over have get their government free money and yes that pertains to business as well.
8. deregualtion stop government from telling you what you cant or can do or how you can or cant make it etc.
9. rinse and repeat til desire effects are acheived.
10. doing that is goiing to peeve alot of people off so pray you dont get kill.

to fix this country your going to have to become to most hated most despised person who ever walked in this land.

they are not there to keep their jobs they are not there to be like or loved they are there to make sure this country succeeds and survives.

make it so number 1
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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 08:49 PM
First thing you need to do is think about Money.

Money is the only thing that matters.

Next thing you do is make sure that all the money goes to the people with the most money.

Once those people get all the money.

Those same people will place all of that money in cannons.

There is one of those things aimed at your neighborhood now as they are preparing to
load it with money.

Once most of the money is in the hands of a couple hundred people, you will be free and very rich!

Then the people with all the money will light the fuses on the cannons, showering all the good people

with golden coins of wonder.

Those people who will finally be rewarded will realize that making sure there was less money in the

economy available for them was a very intelligent idea,

because the billionaires were planning the surprise all along.

It will be all so clear when the coins are raining from the sky!

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by inivux

There are no chances for success; because change cannot come if there are no new ideas to
put in the place of the dysfunctional ones.

America has turned into a giant shakedown mechanism, everything is designed to keep you enslaved to money.

Ever notice that it never stops?

I mean you would think that eventually, the work might be done for just a day? I mean, how many

pizza's can you eat before you need a break?

Ever question and wonder who is perpetuating this?

Nothing on this Earth requires and demands so much food, we feed this system perpetually because we

are programmed to think that it is natural to be indentured to the system around us.

Nothing will change, it is getting worse, many minds are so distorted they can't see the nature of their own


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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 09:21 PM

Are you gonna get down or what?

You have the two polarized forces of ATS here and nothing?
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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by Janky Red

Haha... good one.

But so true. Here is a good example.

For fun, let's say YOU are the Federal Reserve. YOU can make US Dollars both printed and digital. Digital is cheaper, just numbers in a computer.

Phase 1 -YOU do not have congress or any oversight or audits. YOU can make as much US Dollars as you want and "Loan" it to whoever you want (Banks, Financial institutions, Foreign Governments, etc) and charge interest! YOU really don't have to tell anyone how much you make or who you are loaning or giving it too. So bankers from all over the world are kissing your backside because they want YOU to give / loan them more of these US Dollars that you just make out of thin air!

So Phase One = Bankers / Finance Kisses Fed Reserves backside.

Phase 2 - Bankers / Finance control politicians. Politicians want US Dollars donated for campaign contributions from the Banks who get US Dollars created for nothing by the Fed. Politicians are now pandering to the Financial entities who got free or next to free US Dollars for doing nothing but the politicians are so dumb that they go on kissing the backsides of these financial controllers.

So Phase Two = Politicians Kisses the Financial Donor's backside who got THEIR free money by kissing the Fed Reserves backside. Thus in essence, the Fed is buying the politicians by proxy by producing nothing but digits in a computer!

Phase 3 - Businesses now kiss the backsides of both the Bankers and the Politicians so they can get more share of the available US Dollars through legislation and financial maneuvering or in the case of small business, loans.

So Phase Three = Businesses kissing the backsides of Politicians and Banks giving them the illusion of power, Politicians kissing the backsides of Finance, who is kissing the backsides of the Fed Reserve who makes money out of nothing and has no real accountability because everyone under them wants their money.

Most People (the real YOU not the FED Reserve YOU) work for businesses or own their own or are at the mercy of a social programs kiss the backsides of business, banks, government, etc. Because you also must have the money that the Fed Reserve makes out of nothing.

So Phase Four = The People kissing the backsides of business / government who are kissing the backsides of Politicians who are kissing the backsides of bankers who are kissing the backsides of the Federal Reserve. (note, not always in the exact order but you get the idea, the Fed Reserve is always at the Top.

Everyone is kissing the backside of the Federal Reserve who makes money from nothing yet YOU pay interest on that as though it is something. To you it is because you have to generally "Do Something" to get your share of these US Dollars made by a keyboard entry into a computer and your pay is generally limited to a very low dollar amount, now pay triple what you borrowed on a 30 year mortgage after interest thus making you a worker slave forever because you need these digital numbers that you have to WORK for to pay back something that was NOT WORKED for. The perfect Master / Drone relationship (though a comfortable one) and what's even better is that it is voluntary at almost all levels!

So, In essence, this is how the world works. The guys who MAKE the money, make the rules because everyone wants the so called money they make and it influences everyone. The perfect scam!

I want in!

I am not an activist promoting radical changes to this system, just a few checks and balances.

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by infolurker


that sounds like a sane thing for all of mankind to submit to

In one instance we are encouraged to be good little worker bees, just as long as we do not question the
validity of our reward.

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by Janky Red

Yep, and it is so obvious. This is how it all works yet people never get it. I make jokes but hey, it IS the perfect scam! "Money" to buy goods and services (influence) is lusted by everyone and YOU (if you were at the top here) can make as much as you want because nobody can watch or question you.

Generally, it is a very strong power to wield. Just think what you could do with an unlimited bank account.

I do give my applause to those who thought of this system. It is pure genius!

I won't say what is good or bad from this system but I will salute the pure genius of the planning and implementation / success.

______beforeitsnews/story/1104/682/Unelected,_Unaccountable,_Unrepentant:_The_Federal_Reserve_Is_Using_Your_Money_To_Bail_Out_European_Commercial _Banks_Once_Again.html
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posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 02:52 PM
I apologize for not participating or addressing some of the points brought up. I have, for whatever reason, put this thread low on my mental priority list.

However, considering the fact the OWS movement is quickly gaining credibility and general support, I'd love to get some of those participating or supporting the OWS movement in this thread to ask them the important questions.


"So let's say you do 'gain control', what then? Where do you, we, go from there? What is the first step to eliminating the class divide?"

"What do we do with those that have allegedly been hoarding all of the wealth? Do we try them for some sort of white collar crime? Crimes against Humanity? As for the wealth itself, how do we distribute it in the most fair way possible?"

"What if the problem can't be solved by simply rising up, taking the money, and distributing it evenly? What if the problem is the Human condition? How exactly do you propose changing the world's way of thinking?"
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