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Our Lives Based On perception.

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 08:16 PM
The more I delve deeper into trying to understand my reality the more it makes sense to me to try and understand what it is exactly I want to try and understand. Is it to try find peace within myself considering that we seem to live in a blind society and feel lost. Is it that maybe I feel I need to believe in something , to make myself feel like I'm here for a purpose and I need to fulfil what my grandma told me about going to church and understanding God. should I be cursed to hell for having been fortunate enough to travel the world and finally learn that what I was taught at Sunday school could not be the truth. Should I have denied and turned away from the Indian tribes in Iquitos and Manaus when living with them they explained to me what their perception was of reality and it made me question my own. Was I wrong to have finally decided to move to Asia and teach English only to speak to holy men in India and Buddhists in Nepal to find what their view was on life?

I needed a refreshing answer and I decided to take these trips around the world and write my book about my experiences, in 28 years how much can we learn? How much do we know? Is our information based on what we learn from one culture? and I wonder to myself why is it those that have never ever travelled like some of the people I have met that always seem to have the answers. Do they think for themselves? Do they think that when I speak that I am trying to belittle their God? Yet I am asking questions about their faith and beliefs based on pure interest and they tell me... God has a plan! But he has a plan for those who are faithful to him. And I ask myself when I'm sitting around the fire drinking Ayahuasca with the Shamans if they too are bound for hell because they believe and prey to their idols for rain , never having heard of your dear Lord Jesus Christ. Yet they seem to be the purest of people, they don't lust over woman , watch porn , worry about what they look like or judge those that don't worship the idols they do. My cousin posts an ad for her church group as they all had to do . Each one choosing a different place in the world that has not been touched by the hand of "God" and choosing to raise money to go convert the people into Christians, she chooses Butan and makes pamphlets to hand out for those willing to help her fund her trip abroad to convert one of the last living pure kingdoms in existence her church group tells her it's right. They need to be saved!

She claims they are not saved , yet they are the best kept secret since the overtaking of Tibet. I ask myself amongst the violence and madness of this world. The spreading of a religion no one wants , the bugging and searching for your own truth benefited by the downfall of others, What is your perception.

What is perception?

Object -Possessors

In general all phenomena including minds are object because they are objects of knowledge , but some object namely expressive sounds person and minds are also object possessors. Besides these three all objects are objects and not object possessors.

The definintion of and OP is a functioning thing that expresses or cognizes an object.

There are three types of object possessor

-Expressive sounds

Expressive sounds are OP's because they express particular objects, persons are OP's because they cognize objects with their minds, and minds are OP's because their principal function is to cognize objects. Besides being OP's expressive sounds , persons and minds are also objects because they are objects of knowledge. in general, objects and object possessors are mutually dependent because whatever exists is an object of mind and there is no such thing as a mind without an object. If you had no object how could you see it and if you had no mind would it be there? Specifically , it is not possible for any of the three types of object possessors to exist without its particular object. Do you follow?

Expressive Sounds

The definition of an expressed sound is an object of hearing that makes its expressed object understood.

Not all sounds are expressive sounds . The sound of the wind or the rain for example don't express any meaning. An expressive sound is necessarily the speech of a person that is produced through the power of motivation and this is a key point. Sometimes it is possible for random sounds to arise from the wind our the falling of a plate or a cat screaming that may sound like a person the are in fact false expressive sounds as they may not mean anything of value. It is also possible to convey a meaning without a sound for example writing down a message but again these are non object possessors and they are not real language. They are representations of language that are methods for understanding something, like traffic lights. This is a subject of debate though.

Definition of a letter,

The definition of a letter is the vocalization that is a basis for the composition of names or sentences . When we say A this sound is the letter A and its letters such as this that are the basis for composition of names and phrases. Letters that appear on paper are not actual letters but representations of letters, we write them down they don't exist and we say the letter A from the drawing we have now classed it and named it it , it is the same with objects of possession we call them something and give them a character or value, which in reality doesn't exist. Letters are generated by motivation, they are sounds produced by the mind.

The definition of a name is an object of hearing that principally expresses the name of any phenomenon.

When we say Peter, this sounds a name. The name peter does actually not exsist and we have formed it, it depends on putting together 5 letters , which is the basis for the name Peter therefore because of these 5 letters we can now form a sound if one were missing the full name is not produced. So again now we see there are two kinds of name , Original name and subsequent name. Original is the principal name of the object or person , however given a subsequent name the object remains the same and no view changes if we were to call peter , lazy bones as a nickname our perception wouldn't change because we have mentally associated him with an applied characteristic. If we started calling him fat he would get angry , yet all it is is a different name being given to his character , he is changing, so now he is adopting a different perception of us from what he has heard , and this in a profoundly simple level is the origin of war , religious propaganda and thinking one is better than the other.....they are nothing but utterances from our mouths that cause our reality to be called what it is.

All expressive sounds are produced through the motivation of the speaker and therefore have their origin in the mind. Names are produced in dependence upon letters, and phrases are produced in dependace upon names. Discourse and commentaries arise in dependence upon collections of many phrases....Life and speaking is based on perception of sound and vision. Would and object exist if you couldn't see it or hear it or taste it or feel it. Our enviroment is alive because of our senses of perception and our feel and view of what we see and hear, were we able to control it , we would be able to change our world .

Something wouldn't be called what it was if you didn't give it that name, and then is it really what you think it is because you called it that?

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posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 08:21 AM
NOW, NOW....
creation screams out at us of the love the creator has planned. then one discovers a book with all things we'll wonder about in this life covered. one has to read the book to get all's titled ..." basic instructions before leaving earth ".....even tells of what is to come, and then He says, " see, I have told you beforehand " !

p.s. the track record of the prophecy in that book is freakin' impeccable

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 08:21 AM
I can only agree with your statements and the questions they pose.

I do, however, feel that somebody needs a hobby. If you keep up all this thinking stuff you are bound to strain something.

I try to leave these kind of things to people who are more adapt at it.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 05:39 PM
reply to post by hdutton

If we all thought more, then perhaps we wouldn't be so easily led?
Starred rge OP for thinking ,it was well written if not earnest?
Iam not fully undersatnding his theory , but read it through, OP keep thinking, lest like many you know only what you "perceive"

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by Dr Expired

Thank you I do try to meditate on what it means to see and perceive life, Meaning , do i know what it means or is it so because it has been called that and now I familiarise myself to it and relate it mentally as an object . Basically it is an empty object that gains existence or value from being perceived through my eyes but is it really a cup for example if it were called a plate would i have known any different. No i dont think i would.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 06:31 PM
Sometimes we try and try to understand things that we are not meant to understand,does that make it right or wrong,no.My advice to you would be to take what you have learned and try to gain an understanding of it.I think maybe you have confused yourself a bit trying to understand one thing,then on that one thing you gain another perspective then another,without gaining insight into what you seek from the first experience.
Go back to the beginning and start over.Apply what you have learned throughout your experience to all questions you have.

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