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My boyfriend the war hero, heartwarming

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 06:35 PM
Watching this on bbc1 atm. It follows Craig who lost both his legs and an arm in Afghanistan and also has some bad scarring on his body and face. Despite being really young his girlfriend Vicky stands right by him and it is truly heart warming seeing how difficult it is for her to care for him, but she never lets her sadness out in font of him. This would mentally destroy a lot of people, but she and him love each other and are laughing together all the time and he is trying to learn to walk with prosthetics atm and I really feel for him. She is trying to get a driving license to help drive him around. I'm not sure how old they are, but its obvious they are really young, she must be 18 I think.

I never usually watch things like this very much as I find them real hard to watch, but this is such a wonderful story. Young people in the UK are though of pretty badly in general. I know a lot of young women wouldn't be able to cope or would even just turn and run instead of facing the horror. A lot of people also scoff at young love and pass it of as not being genuine, but this is love in its purest form.

Watching it Craig was 6ft 4'' but now on his small legs he is using until he learns with larger ones he stands even shorter than his girlfriend. His positive outlook is really inspirational and really brings home the cost and horror of war. I think he may have been just 17 when he was deployed as well.

Unlike the government we must never forget our war veterans. In the UK they are treated very poorly imo, I had an awful experience with a retired marine the other day who had PTSD and had self harmed at my train station. This is for another thread but out of 40 people who got on and of the train only me and one women stopped to help him and after calming him down I found out he was a retired marine of 22 years living in a tent in fields and surviving of the streets nearby.

Craig's story is amazing and uplifting, but we must never forget the many many ex soldiers living on the streets now in our country. For his apauling injuries Craig received a couple hundred thousand pounds compensation. This may seem a lot but to survive his entire life with all the caring etc he needs its hardly a thing. In fact many many people get more money for sexual harassment at work in the paper the other week a women in the city got over £400,000 for emails and comments made to her, not physical abuse (which maybe upsetting but come on not as awful as this) Obviously someone won't say no to this compensation, but why is our nation so messed up that you receive more money for workplace bullying or for even in some cases minor injuries that cause long term injuries that are themselves relatively minor.

Sorry for going of track, after having to deal with that marine the other day and seeing how he was ignored by so many people despite being right by them with his wounds exposed I have really got angry with how our country treats our wounded soldiers. In The states and Australia in particular they treat their troops very well. We need to give these soldiers the respect and helo they deserve.

The programme just ended and at the end it said that they have split up and are now living seperately
I can't describe how bad that makes me feel after seeing them so happy together. I hope his family are by him and they both remain best friends still.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 09:58 PM
It sucks for the guy who lost his legs but he knew something like that or worse could happen, and it did.

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