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Simon's Killer aka I dunno a title name

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 03:28 AM
Simon ran into his home slamming the door "GET AWAY GET AWAY" he screamed. Nobody came to his aid, he ran to the back door and locked it then sprinted back to the front door. Looking through the peephole he noticed the figure was climbing the stairs toward the front door. He ran for the phone and dialed for the emergency services "Emergency what do you require?" the monotone woman's voice uttered."POLICE!!" Simon yelled "I NEED THE POLICE!!" he cried. "I've dispatched a squad car to your loca....." the phone went dead.

BOOM..BOOM..BOOM the door rattled as Simon looked on in fear. Although feeling physically sick with fear he headed upstairs. He looked in his dads wardrobe for his gun, but it was missing. "Oh no, oh no" he muttered to himself with every possible scenario playing through his head. He could hide in the toilet, but there would be nowhere to run if this insane man found him. He tried to concentrate when an almighty noise rattled the house followed by a screech. He looked down the stairs, the door had been kicked off the hinges and flew across the floor. He took a breath and ran into his room, pushing his table under the door and crouching beside his bed.

Then he heard it, the most terrifying noise a footstep coming up the stairs. Then another and another, every step echoing in the hallway. Then... silence. He stood up and creeped toward the door. The handle shook up and down violently Simon ran back to his bed. The door exploded open shattering his table across the room. He heard heavy breathing but was too afraid to look. Then he felt a sharp cold pain to his shoulder.

He screamed in agony, sat up and went to run. He had been dreaming, sleeping on his arm in a funny position. He chuckled and went to go back to sleep not noticing the figure standing by the window.

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