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Mercury and energy

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posted on Aug, 24 2004 @ 07:43 AM
If you look at ancient hindu writings, you may recall the Vimanas - an ancient flying machine.


IN these ancient writings, it also talks of how these machines worked. The key element is mercury.

I have often thought it is possible that there may be a connection between mercury power and the reason mercury is almost outlawed. So many are looking into magnets and water as a source of power, what about mercury? What proof is there that mecury is bad for you? Why is there no research done with mercury?

posted on Aug, 24 2004 @ 08:04 AM
The ancients were fascinated by mercury because it is obviously a metal (shiny chrome-like appearance like liquid silver; heavy, combines readily with other metals.)

One of the most important qualities of mercury is that it binds readily with gold, which is otherwise an noble (inert) metal. Unlike alloys of gold with copper or silver, the bond between mercury and gold is electro-chemical, and can be undone by the application of a few hundred degrees of heat. This quality is used to refine gold from the ore; mercury is mixed with the ore and then separated out, heat separates the gold from the mercury which can then be re-used.

Mercury is so dangerous because it damages the nervous system. It's bizarre liquid qualities fascinate children, sadly. Many persons who have not studied chemistry are unaware that room-temperature mercury gives off poisonous fumes, which cause permanent damage.

The poisoning causes delusions, dementia, parkinson-like symptoms, and horrible pains along with kidney and liver disease. The term 'mad as a hatter' referred to the use of mercury in making felts for the top hat industry.

A current theory of autism is that this developmental disorder is actually due to mercury poisoning.

Before handling or experimenting with mecury in any way, PLEASE take a college-level chemistry lab. At least educate yourself on the safe handling of dangerous chemicals.

Your most precious resource is your intellect. Don't expose that resource to organic damage by failing to do your homework.

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