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More Robosigning Uncovered....

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posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 04:57 AM
In Disputed Fannie and Freddie Mortgage Deals Evidence of 'Robo-Signing'

It just gets better and better!!!

Supposedly, one person was able to review the documentation of over 100,000 mortgages in just 2006 and determine that they met the guideline that were set out in each of the deals' offering statements for the potential investors.

and the integrity of these bankers and the systems just gets lower and lower....
and of course their stocks are dropping just as fast and their integrity....
dows down over a hundred since friday as of this morning....

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 11:59 AM
My husband is an attorney fighting against the banks for homeowners. He has several cases in the Federal Court. The corruption runs deep...even as deep as the Judges that have been past Partners at the law firms that defend the banks and fannie and freddie. They make rulings based on personal opinion not based on law. It only makes the public see what sham of a society we all live. Greed and Corruption are everywhere. What the public is unaware of is that Foreclosure or no foreclosure almost no home in the USA has clear title. They have swapped your note around so many times no one actually knows who owns it. So you may pay your debt off only to find down the line you were paying the wrong person and the right party wants there money! This affects EVERY homeowner. If I could give one piece of advise. DO NOT BUY A HOME UNLESS YOU PAY CASH. Even then there is a chance the home you bought has unclear title and you could find yourself in a lawsuit as a third party. Don't believe it can happen. Hubby is days away from filing just such a case.

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 12:06 PM
see this...or just search: MERS, mortgage registrations

The Legal Problem of MERS and Mortgages:
Over 62 million mortgages are now held in the name of MERS, an electronic recording system ...
If MERS is not the title holder of properties held in its name, the chain ... - Cached

no wonder hardly anyone is trying to restructure their mortgage loans.... let sleeping dogs lie is the folksy saying

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 05:30 AM
reply to post by outandopen

if someone had the money to pay off their mortgage, and well, before they did that, they did a title search, or whatever you want to call it, just to see if the title would be insurable....
if they found out that because of the stupidity of the banking system that no, their title was not insurable, could they sue on the grounds that the bank was negligent???

I have noticed that alot of these homes that are up for auction due to foreclosure comes with quit claims deeds, or some other deed which, can't think of the name, but did look up the defination, basically, they come with very little guarentees as far as ownership....

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