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Weird Dreams.....Night Tremors!

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posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 12:13 PM
This is just a message to see if anybody has the same ?

Sometimes when im lying on my bed about to fall asleep ( with my eyes closed matter of minutes before i doze off ) I will get this strange feeling that im fully awake yet i know for a fact i am lying in my bed, it goes along the lines that i wake up and walk around the house fully aware of what i am doing and what i am experiencing , then after doing what im doing in the dream state i will walk back to my body and before i know it im back into a sleep mode!

Another thing is when i was a child i had night tremors quite often and it is a disturbing feeling!

But the last time this happened was when i was in basic training, i am in the british army, i was asleep ( well i thought i was ) and before i know it in this strange dream state or whatever i call it, i am getting scared about numbers, multiplications and divisions, i have no idea why, i have no interest in maths, and for some reason numbers are coming towards me ( I know this sounds wierd but im hoping somebody else has the same experiences to help me ) then i was running around the accomodation screaming like mad and running everywhere to get away from this!!! It feels like a dream state but it also feels real, i dont have a clue if its all a dream or there is something else going on :S

Sometimes i will be sleeping in the night , then suddenly i awake but not able to move any part of my body ( only able to move my eyes ) the 1st time this happened i tried to scream ' HELP' but nothing was coming out, it felt like i was getting forced down and being strapped down then suddenly everything is fine i am awake and left wondering WTF has just happened !!!
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posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by WolliOli

Never experienced the OBE where I get to walk around, I get these weird feelings when trying to fall asleep. I get anxiety attacks, I get thoughts racing through my mind, I feel things bump into me and I hear noises around the house. When I do fall asleep I get nothing but nightmares, I usually sleep at around 5am and I dream of bad s*** that's happened in the past or things I fear the most like the death of a loved one etc. I call them "Night Terrors" cause honestly they scare the s*** out of me but I can't escape them.
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posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 12:23 PM
the first part sounds like regular OBE, numbers........subconsious mind telling you something maybe, and as for not being able to move i can olny guess that your mind was in total control and thats why your body did not respond right away.......and my cousin has had similar problems.

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 12:31 PM
What is OBE? they are wierd when this things happens, as a have full control of what is happening and what i am doing :S

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 12:34 PM
Just so you know you're not alone....

I had a night terror once...ended up at the bottom of my stairs (naked) just as my housemate walked in after her night out. A white glove had chased me there. hahahaha Gotta love em!.....after the event that is...coz they're pretty scary!

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 07:02 PM
I swear to christ, if you pull a prediction out of your ass I will march through the Atlantic, and shove your L85 where it don't shine.

Sorry, just had to say it. I've never seen you post, and I'm sick of predictions lately. Yes, it's a time of change, but trying to be the first when to guess when it's gonna happen is annoying. Why not pay attention and just be the first to report when something happens.

As for the night terrors, I totally feel for you. I have random Night terror attacks that are horrible. I would probably give a toe, maybe even a finger not to get them.

As for the Feeling paralyzed, that is with out a doubt in my mind the first clue to what you are experiencing. Sleep paralysis. Many of us get it, actually most people do get it. They just either think they were dreaming or don't notice, leaving those of us who do experience it feeling really scared and alone. Sleep paralysis can and does happen upon trying to go to sleep as well as while waking up at times. Essentially what is happening is your mind is conscious and aware but your body is still asleep. This can quite often be accompanied by terrifying night terrors as well as auditory or even visual hallucinations. This happens because as much as you are aware and you may think you open your eyes, you really do not. You are in between waking and sleeping, thus you can feel your body and imagine you open your eyes to where you went to sleep. So as you are in dream purgatory of sorts you can really dream things happening. As feeling your body and not being able to move you naturally panic, if you have an already active imagination you may think you are being held down or see aliens, monsters, demons yada yada. Sleep paralysis is often accompanied by the feeling you are not alone, as well as pressure on your chest, arms or legs. Some people report that they feel like they can not breath. This is not the case, if you relax you will fall into a dream, or if you have become aware enough you will feel your chest rise and fall, you just seem to have no influence over the action. Keep in mind you are sort of dreaming, and may dream your are not breathing further fueling the episode of terror.

A few tips for waking one self, are rubbing your tongue on the roof of your mouth, wiggle your wingers, toes so on and as you feel less and less paralyzed move something else or sit up. If you are not scared by the event, imagine a rope just at arms reach above your body. Reach out to it with your " Arms" and pull yourself up and out. If you can do this calmly you may be able to achieve a conscious out of body experience
!!! One of the most amazing things any human can do while sleeping. If not I find another tip to wake yourself if hold your breath. Trying to scream never seems to do anything but make you freak out more, but I find when I get sleep paralysis and I hold my breath I always wake up. I don't know why, I just do. Oh and another tip, as to many scary dark nasty looking things anywhere from just being in my room or seeming right in front of my face I tend to try to keep my eyes shut during these attacks. Now this isn't always the case, sometimes I can look around and see what looks like my bedroom, but rather than see some drooling 3 eyes monster with a great big raging hard on I'd rather just keep them closed as while I'm paralyzed I really can't open my real eyes.

Ummm, there are a few tips to avoid SP attacks. The most common is don't sleep on your back. I'm not exactly sure as to the scientific explanation for this, but Sleep paralysis attacks seem to happen most often while people sleep on their back. How ever it can happen in any sleeping position given the right conditions. Stress, sleep depravation, drugs, certain diet, narcolepsy, other sleep disorders or allergies pretty much anything. It's actually some what different case to case from what I've read up and heard from other individuals. These are just most of the common tid bits of information I come across when I have done my research in from all sorts of Internet sites and so on. I suggest you look it up yourself and see if you can identify what may be the cause of your SP and deal with it as you please. I hope this was helpful for you, as for the night terrors there seems to be something going on lately. I don't know if it's to do with solar flares, all the lovely fukoshima radiation in the air, or the unsettled spirits of 9/11 but something is making us all a little crazy.

Best of luck,


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