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An explanation for S. Human Combustion

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posted on Aug, 23 2004 @ 11:14 PM
It's ben awhile since I've been here but I recently thought up something new to discuss...

What if S. Human combustion is caused by un-harnessed psi (of the pyrokinesis type)? For instance, Psi abilities are supposidly buried deep inside someones mind but they will never realize it because they dont train/learn to use it. Well, what if they unknowingly create psi energy and since they never release it from their body it kind of just catches them on fire from the inside out?

It seems plausible because when you hear about S.H.C cases there is sometimes a ciggerette found near the victim - maybe the smoker is watching the ciggerette, seeing the embers and heat and their mind feeds off of it like an energy source (Like how your suppost to envision energy coming from the earth/sun/etc when creating a psi ball) which then creates the energy?

You of course have to believe in psi but it does seem plausible... Also, awhile back I read some theory by a scientist (I do not recall his name, Ill try to find it sometime soon) that said how everytime someone dies, s.h.c occurs, etc that it can then be attributed to say, a fire that happened in that same place on the other side of the plant. Its far-fetched but interesting none the less.

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