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NEWS: El Salvadors 24 year wait for Justice

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posted on Aug, 23 2004 @ 08:47 PM
A court in California is preparing to hear the case against Alvaro Rafael Saravia, accused of being part of the 1980 assassination of El Salvador’s Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero by right wing paramilitaries. Many of the conspirator’s identities are thought to have long been established, though none have been brought to trial until now. The Archbishop is a national hero in El Salvador for his outspoken championing of the countries poor.
Now, more than 24 years later, a court in California will today hear evidence against one of those accused of orchestrating the murder of Archbishop Romero. That man, Alvaro Rafael Saravia, the right-hand man to the leader of El Salvador's death squads of the 1980s, has lived in the US for the past 19 years but has not been seen in public since papers were filed against him last September. The hearing will be held in his absence.

The civil action is designed to establish Mr Saravia's alleged complicity in the killings and seek damages against him. Archbishop Romero often spoke critically of the US, which supported the right-wing government of El Salvador and those of other Latin American countries in their so-called "dirty wars", training and funding paramilitary forces.

Among those trained by the US was Mr Saravia's boss, the late Major Roberto D'Aubuisson who is said to have ordered the archbishop's assassination. He studied at the notorious School of the Americas, a US military college in Fort Benning, Georgia, which for decades taught counter-insurgency to more than 60,000 cadets from Latin American regimes, It was renamed in 2001 after a series of scandals, including the discovery there of stacks of torture manuals.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The involvement of the School of the Americas is no surprise for anyone that’s heard of it; many terrorists have been trained there. Besides that, in order to wipe out the left wing rebels in El Salvador the US armed and trained an army responsible for the ‘disappearance’ of 30,000 people and the massacre of thousands more in a war ranging 12 years. Many of the others accused of this assassination, and others responsible for war crimes are most likely US residents today.

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