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Looking for Puppy.....

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posted on Aug, 23 2004 @ 03:41 PM
Hope one of my ATS brothers or sisters can help. I am looking for a puppy for my daughter. We went to the humane society, and they had a few Staffordshire pups(8 weeks) for adoption. They let my daughter hold them, and she loved them. So I went and filled out the adoption paperwork, the whole time my daughters eyes gleaming with joy. After I filled out the paperwork, The lady said," Oh, you have a 13 month old too. We can't let families with children under 5 adopt puppies that are under 12 weeks old." I was like, "What????". You had me fill out all this paperwork for nothing!! My daughter's eyes started watering up, which made mine water up too.

Thing is, puppies from breeders are very expensive. We just don't have $500-$1500 to spend on a puppy.

If anyone from ATS has any puppies for adoption, please U2U me.


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