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Oskar Freysinger, Geert Wilders passionate speeches in Berlin

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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 08:58 PM
Oskar Freysinger is a member of Swiss Parliament for the SVP (Swiss People’s Party), he alongside Geert Wilders (Party for Freedom), Rene Stadkewitz (Die Frieheit), and Kent Ekeroth (Sweden Democrats) were speaking at a rally for the new Germany political party Die Frieheit in Berlin. With Berlin elections on September 18 it was necessary for them to get their party’s name spread as it currently holds no presence in German government.

Basically in the speech given by Oskar he outlined how Switzerland has stood up to the beast known as the EU. He advocates the model of Swiss direct democracy as the only thing standing in the way of Eurocrats controlling all of Europe. Acknowledging that no sane politician would dare stand up against a decision with 60 or 70% of public support he says this keeps the government in check. He also notes that a study shows places with more direct democratic participation tend to have 30% lower tax rates than in other areas. Another important part of his speech was about Islam spreading into Europe, slamming it as a dangerous ideology which seeks completely obedience and is the anti-thesis of European civilization.

Geert’s speech was equally compelling as he addressed the disgusting mass murder in Norway and how he tried to solve a problem the undemocratic way whereas Wilders proved that change can occur democratically. He went on to highlight the accomplishments since his party entered into government, told Germans that patriotism is not National Socialism and that they must be proud of themselves for their own sake and for the sake of Europe. Continuing on as he attacked the European Union for trying to destroy nation-states and European identity by removing the cultural diversity which makes it great. And without doubt he attacked Islam for having tried to take over Europe before and failing yet now trying again.

Oskar Freysinger speech
Geert Wilders speech

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 08:19 AM
Dear Misoir,

Thank you. This is great stuff. MP Wilders had slipped from my mind, I'm ashamed to admit.

Can Freiheit spark a triumph throughout Europe, and possibly jump to North America? Is the anti-Obama movement our Freiheit? Do the good guys win in the end?

I think I'll mark this thread and come back to the videos on a regular basis for encouragement.

Again, thanks from one oy your many devoted fans,

With respect,

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