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Most Recent Chinese White Paper 2011

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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 12:14 AM
This is dated Sept 6, 2011
It is China's white paper outlining their peaceful development plan.
This is a link to a Xinhua news release. It is not the original paper, that is in Chinese (it's over 13,000 characters long), that would take some time to translate (not by me, ugh).

CCTV news, like Xinhua, is a government controlled news outlet. CCTV had an interview with the former Ambassador to France, Mr. Wu Jie Min. Why did they pick him? No idea, probably because anything he says could later be retracted if necessary.

Mr. Wu stated that there are three big NOs in the white paper.
1) No Colonialization. China, as it continues to develop will not follow the colonial path of past world powers.
2) No Hegemony. China will not become like the former Soviet Union was. (Basically, no heavy handed approaches to secure influence over weaker neighbors.)
3) No Alliances. China will not make alliances with any one, ever.

Number 1 makes sense, and of course China loves history, so they will look as far back in history as possible to rationalize their stance on questionable territorial lines. e.g. Tibet, Taiwan, etc. So, they aren't referring to colonization in those places. The One China policy. We'll see how far they are willing to go in the sea of Japan, South China Sea, and other territorial waters.

Number 2 starts to get weird. Why even bring up the former soviet union? Was it a slight against russia? Or us?

Number 3 is really perplexing. What does this mean? Is the UN an alliance? What is the nature of the relationship between China and Pakistan?

Side note: China has one really powerful thing going for it. In a sometimes crazy and generally amoral world, China seems to conduct its business strictly based on business, not based on other complex issues such as human rights, environmental impact, underage workers, occupational safety, stability of regime, or other areas. It appears that China just wants to do business, make money, strengthen its country, and aim to be number one in everything it does.

I am hoping this thread will open up some good discussion.

I didn't know where else to post this, so mods may relocate.

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