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Germany and USA to boycott Durban III conference on racism in New York.

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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 06:11 PM
Fearing the usual anti-Semitic attacks, Germany and the US have chosen not to attend the coming conference on slavery and racism.
This step has been lauded by several Jewish organizations.

AJC says fight against racism 'repeatedly hijacked by countries with little actual regard for human rights', calling on other democratic countries to follow American example.
By Natasha Mozgovaya and Haaretz Service Tags: Jewish Diaspora Durban conference anti-Israel

The American Jewish Committee lauded the Obama administration on Wednesday for its decision not to take part in the upcoming United Nations’ Commemoration of the Durban World Conference Against Racism, set to take place on September 21 in New York.

The conference, referred to as "Durban 3", is to mark the 10-year anniversary of the contentious 2001 conference in the South African city of Durban which was dominated by clashes over the Middle East and the legacy of slavery. The U.S. and Israel walked out midway through the eight-day meeting over a draft resolution that singled out Israel for criticism and likened Zionism - the movement to establish and maintain a Jewish state - to racism.
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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 06:31 PM
This comes at time where human rights abuses have been all but ignored by "non-Western" dictators.
For example, the ANC government in SA continues to support Mugabe and King Mswati of Swaziland, who have received billions of our tax money.
They also refuse to unfreeze assets belonging to Gaddafi, because he funded their liberation movements in the past.

It's one thing to have an agenda and choose a side.
However, it's now apparent that Gaddafi had CIA operatives working in his country, and people were sent there to be tortured under USA rendition.
It's also clear that the biggest arms partner of SA is the USA.
Now I find it quite disingenuous how these corrupt leaders can pretend to be anti-US and anti-Israel, when those are their biggest business partners in global killing.
What credibility do any of them have of speaking for human rights?

All I see is rhetoric in public, where the biggest enemies are actually the closest friends.
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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 06:38 PM
Well the truth hurts poor Israel. If everyone would just leave them alone and let them commit their crimes against humanity then everything will be fine. The sooner everyone understands that when the "chosen ones" finally rules over everything then it will be paradise for the Jews.

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 06:46 PM
Perhaps, but more often then not Israel is merely viewed as a colony of the USA.
That seems to be something both African regimes and the USA want to obscure - they want an image of the world that views poorer countries as being in resistance and opposition to the USA.
This is popular with the masses.

A lot of people who say they are "anti-Israel" will blabber forth about being "anti-US hegemony".
When states get involved in that discourse, the hypocrisy becomes hilarious.
The ANC only rule because the CIA and Anglo-American wants them there.
Yet now they are going to pretend to bite the hand that feeds them.
They're going to organize a whole "tribunal" on Israel and apartheid later this year.

I think it's both tragic and funny.
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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 07:12 PM
OK, more to a clear point in line with the contemporary choice we are supposed to make on the matter.

I think many of the states who are asked about human rights, and racism or slavery continue to be involved in those practices, or they support other states which are.

If SA wants to be respected it must stop enabling Mugabe and other dictators.
Why must I worry about the Palestinians, when I have starving Zimbabwean refugees on my doorstep?

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 07:46 PM
It even appears in SA that the ANC may be fracturing from its Youth League on such matters.
Despite years of anti-white remarks, Julius Malema now faces a disciplinary hearing.
Recently influenced by a journey to Mugabe and his Zanu-PF politics, Malema then demanded to to be a part of an active "regime change" in Botswana.
His main reason was that this remaining "jewel" of Africa had an US air-base, which was in for some modernization.
The "imperialists" (as he calls the USA) were building an air-force in Africa, and hence Botswana needs his revolutionary intervention.
The ANC were not impressed.
But this is the kind of ideologue who unconditionally supports the Arabs.

So I'm with Israel.
We need flotillas and human rights interventions in so many countries.
Why only focus on one?
Surely this is anti-Semitism.

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