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Woolly rhinos and the Ice Age, New Find!

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posted on Sep, 2 2011 @ 01:04 PM
First let me start by asking the MODS to Please Move, If I Posted this in The Wrong Area, Thanks
I also checked with the search option and found no other thread.

OK, now with that out of the way

I guess now 20th Century Fox needs to come out with a New Ice Age Movie, Not only featuring a Woolly Mammoth and his side kicks but also a Woolly Rhino, recently found.
Not the Last Ice Age but what's a Million Years between Woollies. It would appear to be the forerunner of our Rhinos we have today.
What do ya think, New Movie or Not?

Woolly rhino finding stirs new Ice Age evolution theory

High on the Tibetan Plateau, paleontologists have uncovered the skull of a previously unknown species of ancient rhino, a woolly furred animal that came equipped with a built-in snow shovel on its face.

This curiosity, a flat, paddle-like horn that would have allowed it to brush away snow and find vegetation beneath, suggests the woolly rhinoceros was well-adapted for a cold, icy life in the Himalayas about 1 million years before the Ice Age. Those adaptations may have left the rhino perfectly poised to spread across Asia when global temperatures plummeted, ushering in the Ice Age.

It looks like they lived prior to the last Ice Age,,,, But YEA, Who's to say they don't belong in the next Movie.

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posted on Sep, 2 2011 @ 04:16 PM
Woolly rino's have been known of for quite some time,there are several.This is just a suspected new species based on the adaption of the horn.
There are too woolly rino's in the Ice Age movies,the second if memory serves me.Interesting find none the less

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