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Irene's sensationalistic media coverage and government overreaction will do more harm than good..

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posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by Anmarie96

I do not know what words to use to describe those videos, and I wanted to apologize for my post above yours, in case it seemed like I did not think anything bad happened. I really do not post very often, but I knew that you lived in that area from your posts in the Fragile Earth forum, and I actually wondered if you and your family were alright, as I do remember you sharing a picture of the very pretty place where you live.

My problem with the MSM was, they just kept showing the coast, when people were trapped in homes and other places, and they did not show the overflowing dams, washed out roads, bridges, floods and many other things. If I did not come to ATS, I would have thought that everything was just fine, and many people I know think that this was no big deal. I live near the West Coast, and everyone kept saying how they were making a big deal out of nothing. This damage will take years to repair and no one ever includes the cost to people, like buying wood or extra water, or trying to replace all of your possessions that were lost in a flood, lost wages, and what people have to spend on medical costs due to injuries. Also, people have to deal with these horrible situations, and it can have a lasting effect on emotions, and personal well being.

I will be praying for your family and your community and I hope that things eventually get back to normal. What is normal, not sure anymore.

posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 04:33 PM
I agree that more harm will come from the hype and sensationalism that the media and politicians expressed at every opportunity while alarming the public to Irene, because while many do no trust the government or the media, it is a prime example of why so many are so distrusting of what politicians say and or what the media reports as being important and critical to the nations interests.

What no one has yet to mention or even discuss is that there is another possibility that has yet to be fully discussed. I am going to briefly explain my concern so that others can consider a plausible theory regarding this sensationalism and hyped hurricane hysteria by the media and politicians.

Consider that Irene as a hurricane was a distraction from what the government needed to keep under wraps or secret from the public. Consider that Irene was generated and steered into position so that they could use the generated hurricane to effectively distract the public from a concern that has yet to be discussed.

Consider that the east coast W. Virginia earthquake was not an earthquake at all but as some conspiracy types have concluded that the earthquakes in Colorado and W. Virginia were nuclear devices that were intentionally detonated in some underground tunnel system.

While I am not posting this to discuss the earthquake, it just makes sense to me that the alarm shown in our politicians and the media hype could have been because the Obama regime and others within his administration knew full well and factually that those earthquakes were nuclear devices and since it caught the Obama regime and others off guard, such an incident may have been factual and if so, then responding in the knee jerk fashion that the Governors and the politicians responded could explain why hurricane Irene was needed to distract the public and to keep all attention on something else other than any coverage of the nuclear devices and the possibility that elements of the US military are waging an internal war against the globalist and the communist Zionist that seem intent on destroying America from within.

If indeed the earthquakes were some type of an nuclear attack, then it makes sense that the politicians would shut down Washington, D.C. and this could explain why so many areas were evacuated and put under mandatory DHS and FEMA evacuation orders. Not because they feared hurricane Irene damage, but because they feared another nuclear attack that would have brought the incident to the front page instead of all world media outlets and I for one don't think they would have allowed that to happen without a fight of some kind.

Only when one considers this wild theory about nuclear devices does hurricane Irene make any sense with regard as to why it was used in the manner it was and why the politicians using the media hyped it and forcibly moved so many people to be evacuated from many areas that could have been possible future strike zones from this rouge element that is in possession of nuclear devices or nuclear bombs.

Since we just don't know why hurricane Irene was so hyped to the public, only when a secret such as a secret war within the military against elements of the Zionist Communist attempting to stage false flags events does the bizarre behavior from our politicians and media make any sense.

Just consider the possibility and if you do, it just might make you conclude that hurricane Irene was the fabricated distraction that was generated and used to distract from a serious issue that the NWO does not want mentioned or discussed in the public, because if you discuss it and consider it, you will no doubt conclude as others have, that the stories about nuclear devices in underground tunnel systems just may be the real and only reason that the politicians and the media went bonkers over hyping hurricane Irene with such excitement and concern.

This is just conspiratorial discussion, so in that regard just consider the premise and don't get all bent over evidence and links and video sources as if having them will do anything to stop or eliminate the complete lack of transparency that the Obama administration promised us.

Thanks for the thread and thank you for considering these new thoughts on why hurricane Irene was hyped and sensationalized as it was by all concerned and the even the media sources.

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