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State of Russia

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posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 08:38 PM
I've posted on this subject in my 'Russian Government vs Russian Mafia' thread, so i just want to expand on it.

Firstly before i ask my questions, regarding your replies please just answer the questions and don't give out some rhetorical bullsh*t since there's no point posting if you don't post on the subject!

First one, how will Russia ever recover from the depths of despair and defeat the thugs known as the Russian Mafia?

The use of intelligence, an agency such as the FSB in Russia. Use of informants, plant misinformation between the various Mafia groups and get one to fight another. Stamping out corruption within the government and military by offering better pay, training and more than the Mafia can provide. Capitalizing on the vast wealth of natural resources within Russia and using it to finance itself.

Does Russia need another revolution to sort itself out?

How will it pull itself out of poverty and to a level comparable with say the United States or Western Europe?

If Russia ever came under attack how would it defend itself if the government and military are in the pockets of the Mafia. They're disorganized, illequipped and untrained.

Who would most likely invade Russia if given the chance?

These are just the questions that have been inside my head.

Personally i think it's a great pitty that Russia is in the sorry state it is now, it's population is largely poor, it's military dilapidated, no proper infrastructure, bandits control the roads and to top it off a corrupt government ran by the Mafia.

Will we ever see a new Mother Russia?....

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 02:47 AM
Most likely to invade? Resource-hungry PRC. Although they are signing Siberian energy deals.

How the hell are they going to defeat the Mafia? All the money was siphoned off and sent to the Cook Islands etc...

Those companies actually producing and expanding are being killed in political revenge attacks...

The government is too focused on Chechnya to chase home-grown thugs...


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