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Where are we?

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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 07:05 PM
The details are all scattered and fuzzy when I try to think back. I remember we were driving along through a remote area and I could see around me were trees. It was dark. I think we were coming home from the beach, all 5 of us. Could have been in the Summer or it could have been... there was a bonfire at the beach. Alcohol. It's so stange I can't recall the details. Why can't I remember? My friends are here. We were in the car. There was another car. It was pulled over to the side of the road, half in a ditch. The scene was creepy to me. There was smoke rising from what was the hood, but it was all smashed in. Headlights? No, wait. Just one. One beaming out into the distance, and we pulled over to help. This part is so much more clear. All of us we wanted to help, but there were no survivors. How can the car have crashed with no one inside? We searched and then I asked a question; "Why is the hood smashed in? Where is the other car in the accident? It didn't hit a tree." There was a dead silence as we all looked at each other, unable to speak. The scene was creepy to me.

Nothing. I think it's gone. The memory. So strange. Wait. No it's there. My head is pounding. It's so hard to focus. We tried to call the police to report it, but there was no service. Then there was a noise, like a scream from afar, but cut short. I got so scared I could feel chills running up my spine. Goosebumps all over my body... I can feel them even now. My whole body is aching. Where am I? It's dark.

"Hello?" a girl called out to the scream. It was silly, but what else could we do? "If you need help please let us know you're out there!" a boy yelled out. Silence. That's what was so strange. There was no sound. No crickets, no wind, nothing. I could hear my heart pounding. Suddenly there was a loud sound of cracking, like a tree falling. I screamed and there we all heard it snarling. I could only imagine some hideous beast running towards us to devour us. We all scrambled into the car and just drove. We drove faster and faster. The car slid off the road.

Blackness. I think that's all I can remember. "Is anyone there?" there is no response. I have to move. I'm trapped. I can hear a faint moan. I feel around, there is someone next me. Unconscious? "Hello?" I ask. "Are you there?" she responds with a moan. The car! We're in the car! We're ok! Thank you!!

...but wait. It's dark. It's still so dark. Where are we? Is it still out there?


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