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Ron Paul's Popularity Among Europe's Economists Growing

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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 07:03 PM

If Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul is dissatisfied with the attention he's getting in America, here's another audience he might try: southeastern France.

French professor Pascal Salin of the Université Paris-Dauphine, twice on Monday thundered that "it is not necessary to create money," adding that "real money is investment, that's real wealth creation. . . . Morally, devaluation is nothing more than theft."

The University of Geneva's Victoria Curzon-Price adds that central banks carry no small amount of risk to society. "Confidence in money can disappear very quickly. How can we have confidence in states that steal, in central banks that say one thing and do another." Henri Lepage, president of the free-market think tank Institut Turgot, concluded that "at the heart of [this crisis] is the monopoly of central banks."

Corsican economics and law student Tristan Casabianca was ready to give his endorsement: "I think Ron Paul is the best guy for America nowadays. Small government is the only solution to the crisis."

In addition to this Ron met with Mexican politicians as well as they requested a meeting with him to go over monetary policy.

What are your thoughts on why Ron Paul is so popular in Europe?

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