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Divide and Conquer - Human Kind's Biggest Fault

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posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 01:22 PM
Religion to me has always never felt right. Be it Catholic, Baptist, Islam, Buddism, ect... but why? Why have I never felt comfortable in a chuch, temple, mosque. I have been to all, studied all of them and have found them to have good messages in all their teachings. Taking in to consideration bad translations and submissions made by ones other that the original authors. For greed, power or fear there is additions to these religious texts by those that are not the true source of the teachings.

As Americans we've been taught to hate the Muslim world, Musilm = Terrorist/Extremist, when terrorism is not what the Islam religion teaches, quite the opposite actually. We are also taught that Jesus is the son of God, but yet Jesus never claimed to be other than human "like us", so all of us are a Son/Daughter of God no greater no lesser. But still so many see themselves as better than others be it skin color, demographics, religion, social status/wealth. There seems to be a force that divides us, puttting us against each other, putting Jesus and Mohammed against each other when both were trying to tech the same ideals.

Esu, Issa, Emmanuel, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Pale Prophet, Quetzal Coatl, ect, ect, ect,. YOU OF EARTH TRY TO SEPERATE THESE GREAT CHRISTED ENERGIES AND THEREIN LIES YOUR MOST HEINOUS ERRORS - "DIVIDE AND CONQUER" -- Source "Creation, The Sacred Universe, The Incubation of the Phoenix" - The Phoenix Journals

So with all this in mind it would seem that we are hating our brother's and sister's because of lies we have been taught. Lies that create wars, lies that create suffering, lies that create death, lies that keep human energy focused on hate and ego.

Imagine that there is one true belief/religion/spirituality that was given to man by Jesus/Buddah/Mohammed in different parts of the world to different men. Some men passed on what they were taught and some changed what they were taught for the reason of self serving and self betterment, twisting the teachings to serve some but not all. Here we are today seperated by walls and borders, thinking immigrants don't belong here and Muslims belong in Iraq/Iran/Syria etc. etc. Seperated in our own communities by color and race and greed and wealth. We see a brown man with a beard and a headscarf on a plane and we think the plane is going to explode.

Mohammed did not espouse murder, Holy wars, killing or Maiming of brothers. These are things projected by man "IN THE NAME OF THE TEACHERS."

The War that is being waged is being waged against all mankind, all colors and all faiths and they are winning, big time!

The only way mankind can ever move on from this abyss we have fallen into is to function as brothers in the service of God and put the seperations behind and away from us and live in ONENESS.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 01:48 PM
I would suggest that we are biologically programmed to associate ourselves with smaller tribal groups, and gain a sense of security from that. We do not care very much for "the others," as they can be dangerous, stealing our food and our mates because they do not have the same set of morals we do. It's important, because we must continue to reproduce and build more of our own kind for work and protection, and we do not want to waste our limited resources on raising the offspring of the others.

If everyone who believed as we do could wear a certain kind of hat or have a certain tattoo, we could more easily identify who believes as we do and not have to fight them. We need to write down those rules somewhere to make them easier to remember and so everybody instantly knows where they stand.

Actually, you know what mankind's biggest fault is? The one that will mean the death of us all? Love. We love too much and too easily. We fight, kill, and work very hard to cure the diseases of the ones we love, so they can have a better, more comfortable life than we had. As a result, we burn up the world, and have more children to love than we need to keep the species going.

Love will kill us all.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by Blue Shift

Without love and compasion for others there is only survival. Survival then would mean eliminating those that threaten survival. Survivalism leaves only the strongest to survive, in the end there will be one but not oneness with survivalism. Jesus says us that we are all sons of God so there was never meant to be only one. A person who motivation is just based on survival is serving them self. Survivalism is just fear of what others have to survive that you don't. Love will keep us alive, Survivalism will only keep one alive.

posted on Aug, 29 2011 @ 07:53 AM
reply to post by mileslong54

Divide and conquer is imbedded into nature, the fittest survive.

Divide and conquer is the reason you came to develop your heightened state of concsiousness.

Divde and conquer applies to plantlife too. The fact that we have a brain makes no difference.

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