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Taliban and Al Qaeda Connections

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posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 12:15 PM
I don't know much about either terrorist organization, which is why I'm making this topic.

First thing after 9/11, America set out to destroy the Taliban, a supposed terrorist regime, most of them escaped and fled Afghanistan. Then after that, Al Qaeda came into the picture and now they were behind 9/11.

So I was wondering, since I've heard people say that Osama bin Ladin is the leader of both groups; Do these two terrorist groups have some kind of connection? (Once again I don't know much about terrorist groups).

posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 12:53 PM
Bin Ladin was not a part of the Taliban.
The Taliban was created by Mullah Mohammed Omar and was supported by Pakistan to control Afghanistan and try and restore order after the pullout of the Soviets.

The Taliban File
The departure of the Soviets, while welcomed by Afghans and the United States, left a political vacuum in Afghanistan. The resulting chaos and civil war led to the involvement of the United Nations which tried unsuccessfully to bring about political transition through the mission led by Special Representative Mahmoud Mestiri...

...The first document dates from November 1994, one month after the Taliban took the strategic post of Spin Boldak on the Afghan-Pakistan border, allegedly with cover fire provided by Pakistani Frontier Corps (see document 5). With that victory, the Taliban, who were being championed by a fellow Pashtun, Pakistani Interior Minister Nasrullah Babar (see document 4), began to make a name for themselves, and also gained a significant amount of military supplies. Pakistan supported the Taliban, not just to restore order to Afghan roads, which would open the way for a possible Trans-Afghan gas pipeline (TAP), but because they also saw the Taliban as a faction that they might have considerable influence over, and who might provide in Afghanistan, a strategic lever for Pakistan against India.

There's some information on the Bin Ladin and his Islamic Salvation Foundation (Al-Qaida) at the National Security Archives:
Terrorism and Usama bin Ladin

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