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POLITICS: 36: 08/23/2011: What Can We Pull Out of the Hat?

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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 03:27 PM
The Politics online sister show of the AM radio parent show ATS LIVE with your co hosts..

Semperfortis and Silk ..With Baz, Jack, Luke, Greg, Martin, Ayana in the studio

Join us, listen in and call us as this is all about you wonderful folks that are the backbone of ATS. We will tackle the issues in ways that the Main Stream Media never will..

Blunt... Unbiased.. Cut to the chase, honest discussion of the political issues and news shaping our world today, this ain't your local news.

This episode will focus on ? surprise grab bag show!!!


Remember that the most appreciated opinions are from the members of ATS.. so please, if you have an opinion that you would like to share.. give us a ring.. via skype.. and here's how..

Call-In Using Skype
1) Install Skype
2) Add ATS Live Studio to your Skype contact list.
3) Send us a text message via Skype, do not call directly.
4) Wait for your position in the queue.
5) Tell us what's on your mind!


posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 04:18 PM
I think they only thing we're going to pull out our hat is a handful of cut-off notices. The repo man is waiting on the hat.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 03:10 AM
Never, i made a deal with him. we won. start celebrating. Haku Zynkoku wasnt lying.

edit on 13-9-2011 by Whatlsthis because: Come back here tomorrow when you all feel dead enough. then begin to awake.

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