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Obama Green Pet Goes Bankrupt What Does stimulus money Actullay Get You?

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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 06:55 PM

Evergreen Solar Inc., the Marlboro clean-energy company that received millions in state subsidies to build an ill-fated Bay State factory, has filed for bankruptcy. Evergreen, which closed its taxpayer-supported Devens factory in March and cut 800 jobs, has been trying to rework its debt for months. The company announced today it is seeking a reorganization in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware and also reached a deal with certain note holders to restructure its debt and sell off certain assets.

So what does $60 million dollars of tax payer money get you? absolutely nothing just like the rest of that $787 billion dollar "magic cure"

Obama pushed the green iniative for the last few years and championed by all the "global warming" crowd and here is the result of all that fanciful "Dreaming"

lost jobs more outsourcing all they all go to the good of land of china.

and Mr Obama plans to create a new department of jobs and most likely will push the "green job" crapola.

anything the government touches DIES

and you can take that too the bank er well you could if obama hadnt spent all your cash and policies and actions that led to the loss of your job.

2012 vote for real hope and change and not the same old more of the same.

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