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What is Magick?

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posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 12:00 AM
I was taught as a Child that Magick was the stuff of fantasy and movies; that the type of magick performed by the duelling wizard and witch in the wizard Disneyamous's Sword In The Stone could really happen. When I was older, after My Dragon Companion had already made Himself known to Me, I was told that Magick was the manipulation of energies to affect a change; that it was just like when the christians pray.

When I was older still, I was taught that Magick was evil and of the Devil, but My mother, may the Gods usher her soul to a bright and better life, made sure that I understood that the devil was an xtian demi-god, so I knew that the whole "magick belonging to the devil" thing was a lie.

I had already experienced the euphoric states of Magick. I had already felt the Quickening.

I remember elegiacally My mother spending the entire week after Lammas outside, under the plum trees, over a roaring fire; the child's wading pool (MY wading pool *lol*) full of water, fresh fruit and vegetables floating around while I scrubbed them with a small brush. I remember cleaning, shucking, cooking, blanching, scouring, peeling and preparing the first of Oour yard's fruit and vegetable harvest. Wwe pickled, canned, jellied, stewed, sliced, spiced and blanched for freezing everything a southern Alabama vegetable garden (and an impressive complement of fruit trees) could offer.

My grandfather would officiate as My mother and Grandmother set up the outside altar beneath the 30-year-old bartlett pear trees; Oour bare feet on the llush carpet of St. Augustine grass, just 3 feet from the cooking fires over which My mom and I worked all day. I would hold the long wand (the one made just for this purpose) while My Grandmother laid over it long sections of treated twine. My grandpa and I would start the process of making the long dips into the huge vat of wax which was heated over the remnants of the canning fires, letting that cool and then dipping again. When the wand became too heavy for Me to handle, My mother and grandpa would continue the process until Wwe had enough candles made to last Uus through Imbolc.

I remember the feeling of Family, warmth and love as My mother, an ordained High Priestess with the Dianic Temple in New Orleans, called down the Goddess for Uus to give thanks to Her for the harvest of Oour little garden.

Was any of this...Magick? It sure felt like it. But then again...What is Magick?

When I was fifteen, I began studying magickal paths in earnest; taking what I learned as a child, observing My mother and her Pparents, and was taught in convent school, and slowly, carefully molding it and taking it into Myself.

In My years of study and practice, I have come to develop My own path; the DragonsBain Mysteries Tradition™. I have learned that Magick is Magick, regardless of what it is called; prayer, offering, spellwork, entreaty, rite, ritual, etc. Religion itself represents the relationship between Uus and Oour God(s). Magick is the manifest of that relationship, whether that manifest is on the Ethereal, Psychic or Primordial Plane. Some Magick Uusers may never manifest on the Primordial Plane. Making things happen on this plane, visible to the physical eye and detectable to anything more than Yyour baser instincts for most Ppeople is just not possible.

Many blame this condition of Magickal deterioration on the christian domination of European and Western World religion. They feel that centuries of a lack of believers, followers and priests of the Old Ways and petitioners to the old Gods has dampened Magick's abilities to manifest here so greatly that to create physical manifestation is nigh impossible.

The next school of thought concerning high Magick states that Mankind and Oour "progress" is the lone cause; the sole catalyst. Pollution, nuclear and other toxic wastes, oceanic dumping, whaling and hunting many species to extinction's brink and beyond have all done more than set the Earth's energies askew. These Ppeople believe that high Magick will never again be possible because of the damage and pain wrought against Oour Great Mother.

My theory concerning High Magicks combines all the previous mentioned theories, which I find both plausible and likely, along with My own realizations of the other, almost imperceptible changes made to the Earth.

The Earth rotates a fraction of a degree differently each year, thereby causing the Ley Lines of energy to shift. Over the eons, these Ley Lines were redirected inch by inch, foot by foot, away from the ancient places of Magick. It is My belief that these Ley Lines, while still present and active, are themselves, diminishing; having been spread too thin across the Earth.

It is for these reasons; global warming, dumping, pollution, lack of practice, the thinning of the Ley Lines, that 0any energies raised should be sent back into the Earth as healing energies when Yyour spell or rite has ended!! Heal Her and She will rise again.
But, as usual, I digress.

Corn Alert

What is Magick?

I can give Yyou the clinical definition of Magick, the literary definition of Magick or the aesthetic definition. But Yyou have heard all these a thousand times before so I won't bore Yyou anymore than I already have.

For Me, Magick was the feeling created by My mother's tender kiss of My forehead as she whispered a sweet "goodnight." It is the look in My husband's eyes as he holds Me in his arms and knowing that a better way of life isn't just a fairy tale.

Magick is what Yyou make of it, as it is with all things and all aspects of Yyour life.
Yyou can ONLY get out of it what Yyou are willing to put into it.

Magick is the Pagan Prayer.

Magick is the result of having faith that something better and greater than out there.

© Elswet DragonFyre™.
All Rights Reserved.


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