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Paranoia or Prophecy?

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posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 09:02 PM
Since 9-11, there have been an increasing number of doom and gloom prophecies/predictions being made. Do you think that something ominous is looming in the near future, or have people just become that paranoid? I have come to the point that I wish someone would hit their prediction so that maybe all of this BS would calm down.

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 09:25 PM
well...Mother Earth has decided to cleanse the planet from all the negativity, and many people are already aware of that...
We are being prepared on the days to come...Mistery is only hidden knowledge!

But...not all creaters on Earth will die, some will be saved!

EVIL will perish soon!

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 09:52 PM
... that this will get bumped to BTS.

As for Italiano's prophecies of impending doom, well, we are indeed in for a rough ride, but I'm not sure sure it's the Earth that's mad at us.

If a child doesn't clean his room, do you wish for the death of the child? We'll come around, eventually.

As for the death of Evil, remember that without Evil, there is no Good. Without Darkness, there is no Light.

Without Balance, there can be nothing at all.

Rumors of the End of All Things are greatly exaggerated. There is no End in sight. God cannot unmake God.

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 10:08 PM
Humankind has been placed under some spell or received a virus, that somehow altered the normal human perspective of ”himself” and the universe. In fact, the term ”himself” took on significant meaning at this time, as the alteration included a focus on male dominance. There seems to be contradictory information as to the virus as ”beamed” here by some forces outside of the Earth, and those beings who tampered with humankind’s DNA structure to make humans forget and feel guilty about everything.
It is no secret to humankind that there is ”good” and there is ”evil” or ”bad”. Humanity’s understanding of this, in general, is based on the teachings from the Bible or other similar sources. It should be no surprise to humankind, then, that the universe as a whole contains good and ”bad”, or as we say, positive and negative. I say this also with the understanding that humankind as a whole, may be able to accept some form of existence beyond the physical realm.
Humankind will be given a choice. The Earth has made her choice to move into a higher realm. But it cannot easily do this with the harm created by humankind. This includes physical and vibration harm.
Therefore the Earth must cleanse herself of the different levels of negativity. It will do this in a most natural way, by means of water, wind and indeed all the elements. Much of this is not necessary as humanity alone can change into a more loving vibration. There are many physical Earth changes that must occur, regardless of what humankind does. These are for the purpose of realigning the Earth’s balance for its new orbit around the Sun. But there will also come a time when humankind must temporarily leave the Earth so the final cleansing can take place. The Earth will return itself to its true and pure natural state. It will be a place of harmony and love, of lush green forests and clean waters. It is during this period of transformation that humankind must leave, for humans will not be able to withstand the cleansing powers as well as the dimensional vibration changes.

PS, Why is this thread moved over to here?? What is this place?

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