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Some recent surreal dreams

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posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 05:27 PM
Before i post some of my prediction-esque dreams, let me explain my sleep cycle.

Phase 1: Regular dream. Usually vivid but i sometimes remember sometimes dont. I have little to no control of this dream.

Phase 2: Acceptance dream. In this dream i am usually able to accept the fact that im dreaming and be okay with it. I will continue the dream but i can wake up if anything goes haywire.

Phase 3: Lucidity. If i happen to fall asleep for the 3rd time in a night, then i reach this point. At this point i either :
A) Am completely lucid and have some tripped out dream where i fly around and/or do whatever.
B) See some vision. I cannot control the dream, but i know its a dream and an almost prophetic vision is displayed.

I have had a few Phase 3 B scenarios happen to me. I had a dream that i met someone at work, and then about two weeks later they actually came into work and the conversation i had in the dream was exactly the same as in real life. Sometimes my dreams wont be 100% accurate, but the general premise of them will be correct. Ill dream about something happening to me, like losing a wallet, and then i will lose something else that is worth a lot of money.

Anyway, here are some of the phase 3 "B" scenario dreams i had:
#1) We are sleeping in our home and then a wind gust so strong blows our entire roof off. We have no idea what's going on, everyone is in a state of shock and disbelief. I live in SoCal, so we definitely don't have winds this strong normally .

#2) I wake up. My parents are watching the news. There is a Typhoon about to hit washington(i still dont know if it was Washington DC or Washington State). Shortly after, the helicopter camera is recording the ground turning into lava. The Earth's crust is literally turning into lava and people and cars are being sucked into the ground. Everyone was freaking out and the news crews had no idea what to do other than film. There was an image of a guy stuck on a semi as half of his semi is being sucked into lava. He tries to climb on top of the roof but the entire semi gets eaten by the lava.

I dont know where this Lava was recorded. Im assumming it was local news, so that would be SoCal. But it could have been anywhere. I have kept a mental note that if there is a Typhoon about to hit Washington(state or D.C.) im going to higher ground immediately.

#3) Volcano's are erupting all over SoCal. We are stuck and can't leave. They have literally blocked all exits to and from Cali because of the Volcano's. My friend is like "we need to leave but we can't get out." I then proceed to say "its ok man i got this" and start Googling away different routes. I wake up shortly after.

There's a good chance none of those will happen, or will happen in a slightly different way. I just felt the need to post it in case anybody might be saved from seeing this.
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posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 05:51 AM
This is the vision I had concerning the Future Californian Earthquake, from: estimatedprophet

In my dream I was standing in the midst, of the great city in California, Los Angeles!
There was rubble everywhere and houses and buildings completely destroyed, it looked like the footage in the Hiroshima, Japan explosion from the atomic bomb!
I seen in my vision a group of family climbing the tops of the building to reach the roof. I followed them in my vision and one person turned around and was angry with me thinking it was my fault. They were angry with me because they thought I was the cause of the disaster because of my predictions!

The reason for the family climbing the roof of the structure or building, was because of the water that followed the earthquake! I seen in my vision from a birds eye view, high up in the air, or the earth's atmosphere looking down at myself and the destroyed city and watching a wave, after another wave of water, coming into the land from the coast of the sea!
So after this massive earthquake, a great tsunami will proceed, bringing inland, a wall of water into the land!
In the vision the waves of water keep coming in, covering the entire city from all sides with water, reaching almost to the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains!

I then look up into the sky and I see about three halo circles, that resembled rainbows and they were beautiful to look at! I think that these circles in the sky could signify or be the electromagnetism disturbance, from the ground being radiated up in the air, or atmosphere, causing these strange anomalies, or it could also be the same theory but in a man made, artificial occurrence by using microwave technologies, in-order to produce the earthquake and causing the strange anomalies in the air by using such advanced devices! ("HAARP?")

Anyway, the families that do survive the earthquake will then have to start worrying about the incoming tsunami's and or flood, coming inland! That is why in my vision I saw a family climbing the rubble of a building to reach the top of the roof, or the highest level of ground to avoid the water!

Did you know that some of the Californian mountains in the San Gabriel Valley, have structures built inside the mountains? Yes there are bunkers inside the mountains. This information about the tunnels or bunkers is well hidden from the public!
To find out about this evidence and where several ones can be located, is in the Azuza Canyon. Going or driving up the mountains, you can clearly see on the side of the road next to the mountains, "air shafts for a ventilation system." (They look like huge pipes sticking out of the ground from the side of the mountains, layered with holes all around them, made of metal!)
The Dams in the mountains were the water flows in the bottom of the canyon, they also have openings to the elaborate tunnel structures inside of the mountains!
There are several Dams that also power and generate electricity all throughout the canyon. These Dams produce there own electricity to feed the masses living inside of these mountains!
("In plain words, there is an entire city inside of these mountains!")
Almost all of the populace is not aware of these secrets and they are kept secret from the public eye from the government elite groups, or secret societies in L.A. and California!

("The governments are also secretly storing food and weapons, inside of these places for them and there elite. In reality things like what I am describing here are happening all over the world not just in California!")
So that means that the people living in Los Angeles are oblivious to these secrets and are doomed for upcoming destruction! Even after the people who are lift behind, that survived through the earhquake and tsunami's, or flood of water, then they will have to start worrying about one more thing? ("FEMA!")
(That's right people, if you read this be ready, for after one wave of destruction shall come another, and the ones who survive this apocalypse, shall have to flee like fugitives from there captors. Some people will be shot on site, still other people will flee, and those who get caught, will be thrown inside prison camps, were they shall await there final destiny or fate!)

"You See, I Have Warned You Ahead of Time, So Be Ready!"
When will this event occur? "It can happen any day from now, so worship God with all your heart and turn to Him for forgiveness of sin. And if you are a sinner, turn to Him like that, as the way you are in sin, because He will forgive you and wash yours sins, just Worship and Trust in Him!"
Lord Jesus Christ will love for you to, follow Him into glory, for He is coming soon! The Lord has sent his messenger to prepare once again the way for his coming! Be Ready, Be Awake and Faithful up until your death!
For those who believe and die in the flesh, shall never perish, and in-spirit you shall live forever and ever! "Amen!"
"I'm Warning You Saints, That There Is No Rapture! ! !"


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