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Hand-print clouds, people in bubbles--VERY ODD dream.. interpretation sought.

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posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 02:37 AM
Alright, so I have a very interesting sub-conscious and I realize dream interpretation is mostly relevant when done on a personal level, but I felt that this particular dream could use some outside thoughts.

I was in the pool in my backyard with my dad and mom. My mom hasn't been in the picture since I was 10, so that was odd to me. The three of us were watching a home movie of my mom and I playing (although I think this was a made-up memory of her and I). I looked up and noticed a really strange cloud in the shape of a hand print; lines were visible and all. There was also a smaller hand in between the middle and pointer finger of the hand. I pointed out the cloud to my parents, and remarked how crazy it was....then the sky became overcast and the cloud went away. I got out of the pool, because I wanted to describe the incident to my extended family (aunts and uncles, cousins, etc) who were at my house. I went to the front yard and started explaining it to them, when I looked up and noticed there were multiple hand print clouds appearing in the sky. Everyone was amazed. I found my friend Ron who was also randomly at my house(one of my best friends and spiritual go-to guy) and asked him what he thought was going on; he said he wasn't sure but it definitely meant something and he was going to go meditate to get answers. I went back to my family and noticed footprint clouds appearing in the sky as well. We were all in awe, and the rest of the neighborhood was out as well. Then, I noticed a bubble coming down from the sky, and as it came closer, realized there was a person inside of it. The bubbles began increasing in frequency and kind of had a rhythm with the clouds. People were coming out of the bubbles and going in different directions...haha. My dad sent me to check on my cousin who was lying in my dad's room, and I walked in to see a body lying face-forward at the foot of the bed. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was my grandpa, who passed away in 2009. I freaked out, and ran to get my family. We all came into my dads' room and my grandpa jumped up off of the floor and greeted us with excitement, saying he'd missed us, etc, but we had to hurry and go eat. So we all go to this restaurant with this long, never-ending table with a bunch of people sitting down to eat. It gets a little hazy at this point; but I remember hearing groups of people say they refused to eat because of the menu. So I look at the menu and realized it had my core spiritual beliefs written down as food items. Then I woke up.

Yea, I know. Very odd. I have no idea what to think about the handprints and bubbles, which are the parts of the dream that felt most significant. I would really appreciate some feedback...whether you think I'm nuts or there is something more to it!

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 02:49 AM
People that have been missing for a while and others that have not seemed to be gathered in one place. House, swimming pool. That and the sky element, and the long dinning table...

Maybe you dreamt of Heaven?

EDIT: PS - handprints clouds... Handprints are unique for every person... A big one and a smaller one inbetween, God and Son? and the bubbles coming down and people walking out of them in all directions, new dead people arriving.
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posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by AboveTheTrees

That's definitely a good interpretation; it does have a very "heavenly" feel to it eh? Although that's weird because I don't necessarily believe in the concept of heaven as an actual location with personified spirits walking around... I subscribe more to the belief of reincarnation; but maybe I dreamt of what I think of as the "waiting room" before our next incarnation. Hmmm. Thanks for the input!

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 03:05 AM
I too have dreamt of the never-ending dining table. It was outside and ran parallel to a beach area.
However in my dream, everyone was busy eating whatever they desired and having a good time at the table.
Now how I got to the place was odd. I was in an old building and I found an old wooden box in there.
I climbed into the box and promptly died. And within seconds, I awoke and climbed out of the box and went
outside to discover the table. I think I went and had corn dogs or some other carnival type of food. It was a very nice day and I couldn't wait to check out that beach.

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 03:06 AM
reply to post by Seekingmyself

Thank you and thank you for sharing
I have a notion of God and Heaven, I assume inserted during childhood days, by grandma; I found in it some elements that could match in your dream imagery.

I use to have dreams of future, projections of the future I should say; and dreams in which we're all able to fly (moving arms like swimming), not necessarily happy dreams of fly, it's just a fact: we may have troubles, we can fly - oh and dreams of huge deserted malls.

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 06:02 AM
reply to post by Seekingmyself

An uplifting vision/dream. I'll hope to give an interpretation.

It appears your standing/relationships within your family and others is of course predominate. The
hand prints and footprints in the the sky, bubbles, is specific to real entities in your life but more
specific in that your subconscious wants you to remember this dream. Most dreams I have with a sky
influence I remember and are spiritual.
The fact that your beliefs were on the menu and you were with your family dining indicate
your immediate family's influence on your life in your spiritual beliefs and dining indicates
taking part in life.
I would conclude that you are about to remove some veils of consciouness and have
some changes in your life based on changes in your spiritual beliefs. The people not
wanting to order from your menu of beliefs would be natural for everyone for we all want
to live our own lives based on our own decisions. I do not see any negatives in this
but really only positives.
We all change by changing our perceptions of the world and people and our beliefs.
Every day is a new day.

Changing beliefs and changing your awareness can be really shocking and disturbing
in the real world time frame. The truth is helpful in removing veils and changing your
consciousness and awareness.

I think your dream is prepping you for your future changes in belief as well as giving
comfort as indicated by your families presence in the dream.

We only have consciousness, and awareness is a sub part of our consciousness. Our
spiritual beliefs influence if not totally drive our consciousness and awareness.
My whole life changed in 1967 when I decided to adopt Murry O'Hair (celebrated atheist)
that God was dead. I disregarded all that I was taught (with reservations) into the garbage can.
In two months time I to my surprise and amazement I discovered God was very much alive
in ways I never experienced before.

I've always been Christian but enjoy and hold in high esteem many atheist friends as
they are really closer to God in ways they do not understand. I literally had to discount
many traditional brain bashed beliefs to see the truth. Jesus said many times that 'the
kingdom of heaven is at hand' not meaning that it was to come but that it is available
now and today. He also said that it was the ministers that kept the people from entering
heaven. I had to give up what I was taught in church to see the kingdom of heaven. And
I have experienced heaven (nirvana) several times. I do not endorse black magic. I do
endorse removing veils of lies and deceit that cloud our judgment and awareness.
Christians versus atheists is really a waist of time. If I spoke in the pulpit of a church
I would be immediately sequestered. They do not want to hear it. Sad but true.

A good read is 'Power of Awareness'. A short book, painless, that will actually
stimulate your awareness. Just remember that awareness (the activity of our senses)
is only a part of consciousness. Consciousness equals Knowing without thinking.

Good luck and have a really awakened new day, everyday.
Plateau Horizons

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