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Nostradamus---rip-off artist.

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posted on Apr, 2 2003 @ 12:24 PM
I am reading Bernard McGinn's 'Anti-Christ: Two Thousand Years of the Human Fascination With Evil', a brilliant work, covering the history of apocryphal writings. While reading about a French writer in the Middle Ages, (I would give you his name, but the book is upstairs and I haven't had my coffee yet) who wrote about the Anti-Christ: the Anti-Christ came from the east, and had a John the Baptist type-figure before him. After the defeat of the Anti-Christ, according to the French writer, there would be a golden time of peace. Nostradamus is not mentioned in the section of the book and I am not sure he is, I am to the 1600s and not a word, but I am a good little geek and remembered my Nostradamus. I find it interesting that a writer in the same part of France as Nostradamus lived in wrote the same things Nostradamus did four centuries before the mystical doctorís time.
I'm not saying Nostradamus is a fraud, he has been right a few times, if only vaguely, but maybe his prophecies on the Third Anti-Christ were borrowed from a local source.

posted on Apr, 3 2003 @ 02:15 AM
to what i understand about nostra is like this
he is a jews convert to christian,he learn a lot like history,geography,math,astronomy and some other knowledge,the name antichrist name came in since bible time long before jesus it use to believe prophet moses
do know about this famous guy (antichrist) but to nowaday did person most western people believe is this antichrist is islam by religion where he try to dominate this world.but to all the islam people believe this antichrist is a jews who actualy poses the most advanced military power so the main point is most people agree this guys is super comander who will invade libya,iran,egypt in order to slow the muslim control in mideast region. after a long years i been read
nostra phrophecies most of the writing is actually are write in ASTRONOMICAL CODE so that why nostra didnt
want any person who dont have any knowledge in astronomy read his book cos this can make a diffrent
the real life drama seen by nostra killing,raping,torturing
nation being killed by nuklear blast,chem weapon using in scotland and england i m wondering only german he did say a safe country in europe where else other country on it way to doom


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