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Woke up tp Tsunami dream this morning

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posted on Aug, 11 2011 @ 11:50 AM
This morning I was dreaming that I was in the top floor of an apartment (somewhere with palm trees). I knew that a tsunami was coming and was looking down at the coastline where the water was receding already. Then the water came rushing towards me. I woke up once the wave engulfed me. One of the main things about this dream was the realization the the tsunami was much stronger than expected.

The last time I had a dream about a tsunami coming towards me the huge earthquake in Chili occurred hours later. With that one there was concern about tsunamis as well.

Just thought I'd post in the interest of documenting. Hopefully a dream is just a dream and not some prediction of earthquake or tsunami.

edited to add: I just saw this after posting Tsunami prediction 8/11/11
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