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Tsunami Dream, after remote viewing TPTB after my psychic powers. Audibly hear a voice too.

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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 07:41 PM
It started two Tuesdays ago, I was camping with my family and I had awoken early. Suddenly I could 'see' in my mind's eye, a room of computer monitors and Army personnel at desks.
One man was at a monitor, remote viewing a person, when a General walks in and asked the soldier about 'the subject' and would 'the subject' (Here my name was used) (I will write TS here) come to work for them?
"No sir .TS would not work for us, as TS is not Army material".
General; "Well TS's father was in the Army.'
"TS is not Army sir"
"We have tried to beam TS out and it didn't work .We don't know why as yet. It's never happened before"
General; "All the more reason to get TS to work for us. How about doorstepping TS?"
"Sir TS,has children and will not leave them. TS seems to use the psychic powers in defense only, never to attack"

Other things were said but I had had enough, so I mentally projected into the General's mind that he would take it on advisement and do nothing about TS yet. He said this to the confused but obedient soldier/ operator and walked out of the door.
I then got up to get dressed.

At breakfast I told my kids and warned them to be on their guard.
Then audibly I heard my name being called by a woman. I knew I had heard this voice in my head. I then asked my 2 kids if they had heard it too. Both of them had.
I don't know who called my name or why. (I have the Earth/Gaia and it sort of sounded like her but a bit more depressed and older.)

The next day I had a disturbing dream that continued the above scenario. As if it was a warning.
I had been kidnapped as a kind of VIP as I had extraordinary psychic powers and they wanted me to kill remotely for them. My kids had been kidnapped too and they had been given suitcases of toys and clothes but it was still a prison.
The General came in with a young brown haired man and asked me if I was going to work for them and kill the enemy. I replied I could never kill anyone who hadn't done anything against me or my family.
The General then turned to the man and said kill TS. The General walked out the room and I saw two guards with guns, either side of the door to my rooms.
I was horrified and thought of my kids. I just said Yehovah over and over and suddenly he just keeled over and died. I just shook my head and cried.
Then a tall, blonde haired woman who was very good looking came in. She said I have been told to kill you, will you not change your mind? I just started to witness to her and added you will die if you try to kill me, please don't try. I don't want anymore deaths.
She said I will be killed if I don't. I have no other choice. I said over and over 'you are going to die'. Then she dropped down dead.
Now I got angry, how many bodies will there be? This General is stubborn and he doesn't care. I have got to get out of here.
I grabbed my kids' hands and told them to just bring their clothes. The guards had been dismissed, as the blonde haired woman always kills. We escaped outside only to find out that we were in Israel. I tried to talk to some women in old Israel garb (dress) but they didn't understand me. My youngest started to climb down a 30 foot wall but I stopped her, this was how desperate she wanted to escape.
I could see a car with it's engine running on a stone ramp. The two soldiers were looking at something on their right. I looked at what they were looking at.......a 100ft tsunami, wall of water that had amazingly stopped dead. It was rippling but it wasn't moving. You could see people and crushed buildings through the rippling water.
I put the kids in the back and I got in the passenger seat with my partner driving. (I don't know how my partner got to Israel.) When my partner got tired, my eldest drove and then when she got tired, I drove.
Whilst my partner was driving the wall was still 100ft and hadn't moved.
Whilst my eldest drove the car was hovering over the front 2 ft of the water after the wave had broke. We could see people that were amazed, that they hadn't been swept away and the tsunami had circled around them and their houses. So from that I deduced it wasn't a real tsunami, it was a spiritual one.
When I took over the driving the car, it slowed down and stopped. I did panic and sent up a quick prayer. I was told to open up a hatch on the bottom of the car. I did and there was a 4 or 5 yr old girl calling out for God, while all her family had perished around her. This normally would have broken my heart but I was trying to escape the tsunami.
Whilst I was driving I could see people's bodies in the water that was under our hovering car. The tsunami had broken and massive destruction was everywhere.
Finally we got to dry land and were able to fly home.
But when we got home we found out we had got home a day into the future. I read the newspaper headline;
'Tsunami destruction'. And a photo of a middle class woman crying over her blonde haired young son that was dead with a steel knife in his right hand. I was disgusted with the newspaper.

I'm not scared but I just wished TPTB would leave me alone. I know this sounds boastful but it's just in my genes, I didn't ask to be born with special gifts.

Be safe.

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 07:46 PM
Reply to post by AriesJedi

dont worry, we all have our own special gifts too

cool story op

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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by AriesJedi

Well, lets just hope this is a dream and nothing more.

Disturbing dream though. I have always hated the Gov. dreams where they are out to get me.


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