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Debate grows over whaling restrictions... will large hunts soon resume?

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posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 12:12 AM
Well, this isn't so much a conspiracy theory (unless you believe that whalers will lie about the scale of the hunts they will conduct)... but it is interesting (and worth reading just to look at the interesting photo of the Sperm whale calf)...

Several countries, including Japan and Norway, are pressuring the international community to lift the existing restrictions on whaling:

They argue that whales provide a valuable source of nutrition and that the numbers of some species have been restocked to a viable level.

Opponents of whaling claim that several species are still bordering on extinction... and that if the current limitations are lifted whalers will hunt the rare breeds as well as the more 'common' ones.

Even if the pro-whaling countries can show that the whales aren't in danger, many people have noted that the general public's interest in whales may protect them, in the end:
'"A lot of people would like to think of whales as philosopher-poets swimming around the oceans thinking deep thoughts, and that is not true," said Dr. Roger Payne, one of the biologists who first studied the mating songs of humpbacks. "But for some reason, people are deeply, deeply impressed by these animals. It may be their size, and grace has something to do with it. But there really is an air of mystery about them."'

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 03:25 AM
I know that the Netherlands this year for the this time wants to lift the ban on whaling. The reason why they want to do it is because the current ban is violated a lot already. Norway has commercial whale hunting. Iceland wants to reintroduce it. Japan catches for 'scientific research', but the whales usually end up as food anyway. They say it's better to have strict rules that will allow whale hunting but that curbs the numbers of whales caught than rules that nobody takes seriously.

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 05:58 AM
Better keep whale hunting illageal .O yes i know countrys try to get around the law and hunt whales anyway .and that in its self is my point.
if these people are willing to brake the law now you realy think putting a limit on how manny whales you can hunt will be inforcible?
If they lift the band I can assure you in ten years whales of manny kinds will be on the verge of going extint. Ps the whales are already having it much harder to survive by beaching then ever befor. And unless we figer out why this happens the problem by its self could spell the end to the whales . Now im not making any points on this because of oo whales are intelligent bit or sooo purtty eather .Id be just as conserned if it was aligaters going extint . We humans have got to learn to live With natcher .
We have got to stop killing everthing we come accross . No im not a tree huger im a realist if we kill animals off to extchin then we kill our selfs.

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